A golden cage

A slender figure, decades old.
Sitting with her cage, made of gold.
Long dead eyes look out to see the sky.
But her sight is too blurred, for her to see by.
She waits for him with the letters cutched in her hand.
Waiting for the winged bird to come with like magical wand.
Her white cold hand touches the paper.
Ages old and decayed, like forget-me-nots they smoulder.
Turning into dust, valued at nitch.
She smiles as she wonders if her looks still bewitch.
Dreams in her dreams wearing the white wedding gown.
She tries to remember love as just a noun.
Spiders weaving cobwebby tale make home in her bosom.
A sad destiny indeed for a maid so lissom
Stares at the images on the wall, vision flickers.
Tomorrow she'll be gone with no trace; faith never wavers.
Waiting for him, she must,as she always had.
Letting not a tear fall, as promised to her lad.
The room is his, so are the letters.
But she lives there in her mind, bound by imaginary fetters.
For there is her mind- passion glows.
For there is that room emotions overflow.


Silver Moondrop

A silver moondrop shines on my nose.
I reach out to feel it before it goes.
A thing of beauty,of silver joy forever.
Enchants me to hide it,to show never.
I place it gently on a finger and run.
To show him the moondrop,share the fun.
Place the drop on his forehead, it trickles down.
Runs along his brows,smoothens his frown.
Disappears into his lashes,i cry:i was the keeper!
Slowly he stirs awake,opens his peeper.
Lo and behold!!My moondrops not one but two.
And in the eyes which I forever knew.
Its my own moondrop,it shall stay forever with me.
And I'll treasure it's wonder, enchantment and ethereal beauty.


A mysterious Tryst

Open eyed a story unfolded around
I saw a man with struggling ropes bound
On a chair with a bomb ticking
Around him were creatures dancing
Like snakes their bodies were slithering
It was dark and smoky
A shivering up the body
And then came a maiden clad in white
Her face unclear as the smoke filled his sight
She came and touched his shoulders letting him free
As the ropes came off she let out a gurgle carefree
Touching his face with her white cold hand
She let her eyelashes touch his wedding band
A single teardrop touched his cheek

And then she was gone into the mist
As the sun came to end this mysterious tryst.



Goodbye my love, goodbye to you.
Don’t be sad, I’m going to wait for you.
Don’t let me see you cry, I need you more than ever.
I know its goodbye though I’m not clever.
I love you, I’ll love you forever.
Think of me when you’re far away.
Think of me at least once a day.
I’ll be thinking of you alright.
As the day becomes night,
And dark turns to rosy light.
Waiting in the departure lounge ain't easy.
I can’t really see you going away baby.
I want to scream, tell you to stop.
But my silence speaks in a single tear drop.
You have to fly for hours non-stop.
A last hug, and the questions bleed like a wound.
Tell me I’m not going to lose my love new found.
I hope that we are perfect, we’re meant to be.
That I’ll hug you once again with utmost glee.
That I’ll meet you once before eternity.
But for now its a goodbye, for a last kiss am screaming.
But as your flight’s announced, I know its time, you are leaving.
A thousand miles and more is not a breath away.
As the flight takes off, I wish the nagging pain would go away.
I cant bear to watch anymore, I turn my head away.
And I hear my tears softly scream-
Goodbye and take good care.
Know that I love you my dear.

Just for a moment

Love lasts just for a moment.

You’ll be here for just a moment.

I know it fully well, and have taken a decision.

I’ll be there waiting for you with the keys in the ignition.

And then maybe we can go for a ride just for a moment.

It’s better to have fun rather than sit and lament.

If it’s going to be just a moment, I’m going to enjoy every bit.

Even though tears sting at my heart like within a thousand fires lit.

Just stay back for an evening out, or a night or two.

Just give me a chance- your heart to woo.

I had everything planned, roses and candlelight.

The flames dancing in the rhythm of my sight.

And then I go and spoil it all; cracking a stupid joke.

And asking still smiling broadly: “When’ll you be back?”

And then the magic of the moment is broken as the smiles disappear.

You go serious, my a tad –bit- too- broad smile is replaced by fear.

I may not be anybody of consequence.

But you are of utmost importance.

I may leave your life without a trace.

And no one around you will even know my face.

But when I’m gone remember I’m always remembering you.

That I never ever once wanted to say adieu.

I know neither do you do, but I understand people change.

With time and distance hearts estrange.

But baby, I’m writing this to let you know.

I’m going to be stupid till the day I go.

Love for me doesn’t last for a moment.

But I’m willing to take chances and give my emotions vent.

Hold your hand and hope that this moment’s an eternity.

Till once again when ancient will become modernity.


It's Personal...Messed Up

Time never ends as it never stops.
Life goes on, it just numbs it all.
There is no end to the start.

Its all a confusing mixture of colors.
Instead of the rainbow, its mixture in oil
That lies on the roadside, dripping wet.
Lying on the bed, clenched fists,
Thinking some thoughts, which doesn't exists.
Listening to the sound of silence.
Waiting for some music, some noise.
Living life without a meaning.
People walk on; hair flows down,
Light shines harshly forming diamonds on the brown.
Its Personal; no ones bothered.

But then we are too caught up in our lives.
To look beyond our tiny little lives.
Problems are huge, life is generally Sad.
But if you wanna know, if it helps.
You ain't alone, there's millions like me and you.

Leading silly short lives with nothing different.
Whose insignificant Lives are all Messed Up.
Yeah!More messed up than the colors on the road.


My Immortal...

Once it was cold and lonely

I was feeling down and blue

You said to me “Hold on Tight!

I’m always going to be there for you.”

And you did, my immortal.

Forever and for always.

But the journey’s just begun.

The road ahead is long and drawn.

Everyone is searching for their immortals

Someone who’ll come and say: “I’m here.

Forever, trust me and have no fear.”

So what’s the hurry, life is long.

The journey is only lonely.

There’s only happiness on the other side,

Green meadows and rainbows and flowers.

They pale in comparison to the colors of love.

Life’s stones are easier to tread on.

As you know there’s someone who’s by your side.

So what’s the hurry? My little friend,

The journey has just begun.

Tarry awhile and see it shape up.

Nothing is easy, nothing is fun.

Just need to mix colors and the world’s just begun.



There was once this girl named candy.
Who tried to be cute and dandy
Brushed her hair 98 times in a day
To get as many a compliment as she may
Her eyes were swollen and puffy
Her face was dirty and scruffy
She plucked her brows to look good
But in front of everyone she a fool stood
She was teased and made fun of
Until she started to cry and cough
She was trying to be a beauty
When all they wanted was her to be snooty
She had light brown hair all frizzy
And the body of a bear grizzly
Short and round like a mule she was made
Waddling about with her ugly gait
With spectacles so thick that were bottle-like
Her voice so thick like a broken mike
With a name like candy she had to be dandy
But her looks were anything but as intoxicating as brandy
She was heart broken and despondent.
So to give her frustration vent,
She changed over from a girl to a boy.
So that with her emotions no1 could any more toy.
This rhyme i write to pay a tribute to such a girl.
For everyone of us is waiting for such wishes to unfurl.
so whats the use of trying and getting lost
why should be beauty made available at such a cost?

A short rhyme[though badly done in my opinion] where I just wanted to touch upon the craze,nay, the need among young people today to look "good" and "fit in"...a lot of Candy is me,and a lot is not..



ME AND mr. deja vu SO KEEP THAT IN MIND WHEN COMMENTING..and dnt comment keeping me in mind only....chk out from whom has the rainbow emerged.



I look up at the clouds in the sky
So bright, so white, all so wonderful.
The sea gulls flying pointing to the sea
With its water sparkling like diamonds strewn on a field.
The smell of fresh air coming from the open horizon
As it stretches to grab what is infinity.
Feel the bright warm sunlight on my back
And turn around to look at the mountain peak
Covered with golden snow melting off the sun.
Mother nature hugs me from all around
In her bright green dress polka-dotted with reds, blues, yellows
And all the colors in the world, even those unnamed
And what is this that falls onto the ground?
A drop of water, is it rain?
More seem to fall, one on my finger, its warm.
I taste it, it's salty.
Mother nature hugs me tighter, but its not even consolation.

The sun is gone, the sky turns black.
No more do i hear the sound of birds.
A sudden shock of thunder i hear somewhere
A flash of lightning's teeth follows in its wake.
My heart filled with sadness, my hands clenched they shake.

Drops of ice cold numbness pour on me.
This time it is the pouring shower
But it doesn't numb away the pain inside
One more flash, it lights up the horizon
What is that at a distance?
I run, so fast that it feels like flying
Is it you?

I cant clearly see but I go and hold tight
Who else would come for me but you.
Holding on dearly with all my might
You kiss away with your warm lips, the brine from my eyes
And I see, it is you, I soar up high
Above the dark clouds, above the black sky
With you in my arms, I have wings to fly
With you in my arms, I have joy in my heart
Once I hold you tight we shall never be apart

The brine dries up, only a smile remains
All because you are there in my arms.
I want you, i need you, i cant live without you.
Finally rid of a life without you
With childish joy, we shall find happiness anew.

Up above the world so high
Like two doves we shall fly.


Walking through the woods...a ballad

Walking through the woods, holding hands.
Looking at the rainbows with its many colored bands.
Seeing such dreams that only lovers can see.
A future bright and sweet and a child running about in glee.
So many dreams about our home.
Where the heart rests after a long roam.
Walking through the woods and kissing lightly.
Making our way through life with a step sprightly.
As darkness descends we both get scared.
I try to hold onto your grasp but alas, despaired.
Shrubs so thick and mangly, deep is the bloody cut.
But they are nothing compared to the one in my heart.
I cant see you my love, I cant find you.
Im searching through the night dark and blue.
Where are you? My heart cries out.
But the resounding silence leaves me without a doubt.
You aint there.
You aint near anywhere.
I see the dawn breaking through the leaves.
And like the red drops my heart grieves.
Im searching for you, just answer me once.
I wont take much of your time, just kiss you once.
And then I see a sight that much joy to me brings.
Such that I skip and my heart begins to sing.
You are right there standing at the edge of the wood.
Waiting for me in the same spot as long as you could.
I wrap my fingers around you quick.
And my heart says good-bye to the fears so toxic.
I’d thought you say at the cross-roads “Goodbye my dear.
This is where our path ends I fear.
I go my own way, you go yours.
And forget the dreamy future years.”
I’ve got you close to my heart once again.
Thank you dear God for ridding me of my fiery pain.
Hold my hand and kiss me once.
Let me believe in my ballad’s joyance.

[This poems a love song based on a dream I had but am not very confident about the ending that I saw...]


Death in Paradise

It feels so nice to know you are in control.
It's nicer to know when you are about to fall.

Choosing the place and time when to go.
I'll choose to die in paradise where the soft winds blow.
This your wonderful paradise can be anywhere you want it to be.
On the top of the highest hill-top where you can shout with glee.

Where you feel like on the top of the world as the sun's raw rays kiss.
Spread your arms out and at last fly to your eternal bliss.
Or on the cliff as the waves lash the rocks below.

As you let your life's words on the soaked paper flow.
Scatter them to the winds and acquaint with your paradise.
As the sea-gulls above fill the skies with their cries.

Or in the blue-green sea play with the fish.
Tell the sea-horses your most unspeakable wish.

Die in paradise where you can have peace at last.
Free from your human frailties in the past.

But my spirit wont go out quietly in the night.

It wont go down without giving a good fight.
But wouldn't it be paradise if I could die by your side?



My love is suffocating you, aint it?

Holding you tight, should I let go a bit?

I’m loving so much that its killing you.

Holding too tight, you cant breathe, till you are blue.

But I’m sorry, I never meant it that way,

It’s just that I want to be with you whether night or day.

Walk with you on roads dappled with sunlight.

Hold your hand as we walk through the darkest hour of the night.

But I suppose I’m smothering you, holding too tight.

If that’s what you want then ,then have your way.

If you are happy that way then do go away.

I won’t stop you, and I certainly wont cry.

But to be lil closer to you this heart shall always try.

But see that my love doesn’t kill you, doesn’t suffocate.

Tell me when I choke you, till your last breath don’t wait.

Murderous desire, with love-filled eyes.

Thou have taken away the free bird from the clear blue skies.

Hateful love thou must die.

Cry like a river, weep, cry.

Cut yourself up and let the blood flow.

For this folly thy penance must show.

Intentions don’t matter, thou murderous emotion.

Sit back and relax, love shouldn’t become an obsession.

Thou have no faith, so damned insecure.

For this cursed cancer there is no cure.

Don’t want this precious leaf to disappear in life’s turbulent stream.

To catch it thou struggle, thou cry, thou scream.

But oh foolish heart, take note, beware.

That the river isn’t created by your own tears, take care.

Murderous love, thou must die; but you do as you would deem fit.

With those three last words I will now take my exit.




Cruel Unforeseen Void
You have taken from me
And I have let you all this time
I did not have reason and just rhymed the pain away
But now i live to my name and stand up against you
You are powerful i agree
But be afraid i have a power greater now
You may say think i am weak i am a mere mortal
All these years i hated
And i let you win i let you take away
I wanted and i gave it all away
I can greed i can hate i can let them all eat away
And so i did and let you win
But you forget
I can love
Now i tell you be afraid
Be afraid for i am human
And as human i love
You are no more my master
Now i know i have won even before battle
I am happy, my tears kissed away
The rain on my head wiped with soft hands
I dont need flowers
Her hair is more fragnant than a thousand roses
My tears dont fall like rain on hard earth anymore
Now i know, i know how to fly
I know you have lost
So i tell you come
Let us work together
I will show you how wonderful it is to be human
To be mortal
Come sir fate in your shapeless form
And i shall show you humanity
All i beg is fight no more
And let me hold my princess in peace


Porcelain Man

Porcelain man porcelain man
You stupid fool to your death you ran

All this time with your heart in black
You had it all what did you lack

For all these years you knew very well
That the only place for you would be in hell

You knew your curse you knew your fate
You could have delayed your entrance to hells gate

Porcelain man porcelain man
You stupid fool to your death you ran

When you began you knew in your mind
Your master's hand your end would find

You knew very well you were bound to him
You had life eternal doing his sins

It had been so for years on end
Why did you so suddenly break the trend

Porcelain man porcelain man
You stupid fool to your death you ran

In that little flower what did you note
That she stuck in your coat

In that kiss what did you seek
That she gave on your perfect cheek

Why in the end could you not do
And go against her as you were supposed to

Porcelain man porcelain man
You stupid fool to your death you ran

But in the end you are not a fool
For you broke out of your curse's rule

Today you are forever free
Even from the gates of hell you see

The little girl that you did save
Cried to bring you to heaven on its wave

Porcelain man porcelain man
I believe for you this was god's plan


Stepping into the Silver...

I sit before the mirror wondering about life.
And wondering about how many people did so before.
If only things could speak and my mirror could talk to me.
For before being mine,it sure belonged to someone else.
I wish I could merge with the silver of the surface.
And see what went went on before.
Now I try to see in my mind's eye what I want to see.
I see a beautiful lady combing out her hair.
Black silky hair hair flows as she sits on her chair.
And who's that behind her lovingly caressing her tresses.
A stolen kiss and a lovely smile are remnants of that moment.
Some other times I see a little child crying out her eyes.
Talking to herself and trying to console all her fears.
And then I realize I'm not wanted here.
I'm encroaching into someone's life,
An uninvited guest peeping into restricted territory!
I wouldn't appreciate if some else did the same.
So I bid my adieu and tell them to forget my name.

Here's another one based on the mirror theme..I hope I get over it soon..or else my blogs going to be under a "silvery deluge"..lols



Moonshine Moonshine wont u come and play with me?
Let me hold your silvery hands and i'll play with thee.
Silver strands of moonshine cutting clear across the sky.
Shining upon me and you without a care for any country.
Making silver ripples on the surface of the sea saltish.
As if thousands of silver ghostly mermaids play mock fish.
Mythical creatures for whom we've searched for eternity.
In this moonlit night they come up to play with me.
Close your eyes and escape into a world different.
Dream of what you want,those wishes will be lent.
You escape into this beautiful world as cinderalla's clock strikes.
But remember this real illusion will end as the east dawn fires.
Ah blessed moonshine,let me more play with thee,
As the horrid sun tries to sneak into my reality.
But alas the golden fire rises higher up in the morning sky.
With each cruel ray killing my beloved moonshine and the time where I'd fly.

I thought about putting in a tagline for this one,its one of my most vivid runs of fantasy and basically speaks about the silver night's dreamland,for those of you who might think this is utter nonsense!![:P]



We are just dreamers playing with the sands of time.
Dont know what the future holds,its just love on our hands.
Freedom is illusory,we havent got that much time either.
I'm a dreamer,its my dream you take.
But my wandering soul,it's spirit you can't break.
Wanderlust has ceased,
Love has seized.
We are just dreamers running towards tomorrow.
Holding the soul of love in our hands.
Wanderlust has ceased,we run towards the rainbow.
Lying back,seen a million dreams in our minds' eye.
My arms will keep you safe and warm.
You were always in my dreams.
A child of this little heart's creation.
Wandered here and there,nothing seemed to satisfy.
A little bit always seeming to miss.
Not sure what it was,know now.
Wanderlust has ceased,playing with sands of time.
Leave everthing behind,leave the chains behind.
Kiss everybody goodbye,whats worth is love.
Home is where heart is,and my heart has flown away.
Wanderlust has ceased,rest your head where it belongs.
Going home,where we belong to each other.
On this side of the rainbow and the other too.
Home is with you,wanderlust has ceased at last.


Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall,

Come and talk to me today.

Can you show me what I want to see?

I can help you see, but don’t you think

That this is a job you’d rather do,

Coz it’s not about me, it’s about you!

I know I know but I’m too tired asking that question.

Searching your soul till it lies naked in your eyes.

Life just seems like a mirage

You are lying rested in its cozy arms

And then you see it’s so hollow

You are all so ready to embrace it with open arms.

I see a shadow, a thin sliver slithering across the silver.

Then someone sneaks behind your back.

A voice whispers in your ear.

Look! Behold, before you leap in a free fall.

See where you went..

Which path you took.

Leaving you all confused, lost and wanting to let it out.

I had nothing to say, everything to lose.

But the fault is my own.

Who to blame? It’s me.

I have nothing to say, am trying so hard.

I want to break away, lose myself.

Don’t want to find myself ever again.

But don’t know where to turn to.

Reaching out my hand to touch the glass.

I see that the hand I try to touch is but my own.


I am light, the bringer of joys.
I bring love and happiness into your home.
Welcome me into your heart and I’ll brighten your life.
Don’t come too close, remember I can blind you too.
I give knowledge springing from a different source.
I gather your light into mine,
Mine shines brighter so that it can light up your way.
I’m the only one, the chosen one.
I gather my power from:
The stars, the moon and the sun too.
I am the light of the glowing fire-flies.
Try to catch me and I’m gone.
I’ll burn through the day.
I’ll burn through the night.
I’ll make your lives bright.
Like a candle, I’ll burn myself.
To give my light to you.
Blink your eyes twice, open your eyes wide.
Then maybe you’ll see my light.
I’ve always been there in your path.
Only you turn your face the other way.
Choose to see the shadows, forget me.
Turn your face into my light.
You’ll forget the shadows.
I create them too; power is held within me.
I’ll fill your lives with the aura of my love.
But that is my nature, don’t expect anything.
I’m here today, gone tomorrow.
Spreading my light for someone else to see.
That’s what I’m destined to do.
Wandering the world; creating miracles within hearts.
And when I’m gone,
Kiss the shadows and know I exist.
I’m a dreamer; I’ll take your soul out into the night.
Touch your life, change your goals.
I’m a dreamer, and when I wake
Can’t break my spirit, it’s my dreams you take.
I am light, of aura divine.
I’ll light up your path with the light of roses.


this poem has no name

I spent so many days with you
By my side when we were just kids you know.
I would write your name on the board.
You'd smile,say this is the last time,please.
Floored by your smile I'd rub off the chalk.
But on my heart your smiled etched an indelible mark.
Getting into trouble on purpose so that you'd come to me.
From all your friends I'd like to snatch you away.
You meant much more to me than I meant to you.
I knew that,yet I didnt care.
Want to do the same even today.
But where are you?Have no trace.
And then I think whats the use of it all?
You'd never recognise me even if I do.
But I think I'll have a sense of deja vu.
Memories have to be sheltered now.
Life's nothing but a collection of stories.

This is dedicated to one of my childhood friends.
To you my "Gundader shordar"...from your "Ragu-buri"...love you lots and missing you too...would love to see you once again in my life.
Wait for me on the other side of the rainbow(n I'll be doing the same),have lots of stories to share.

Searching for a face........

Am waiting for you.
Where are you?
cant hear your voice.
cant feel your touch.
going insane.
i saw you in someone else today;
know where you are,
yet on the lookout.
know your face,know your address.
and yet like a fool i search for your face in the crowd.
i know you are gone but my heart doesnt listen,
your name's just been added to a list.
searching for so many faces.
hoping one day i'll get to meet them again
maybe at the bustop,maybe on the auto
maybe while walking down a busy road i'll bump into them again
say "hi",say "hello",and then move on like before
formalities done,we walk away
we dont have any more reason to stay
and yet my heart will be searching again
for the same face to suddenly re-appear
so that i can say hi,hello,bye once again
it doesnt matter they didnt think of me like i did of them
a mere glance will suffice,a mere touch of the hand
just want to see their faces again
just want one of them to re-appear again.
smiling he would say,"where you looking for me?"
my lips will not part as they never have
but he'll hold my hand and lead me away
am not still sure whether that hand is divine or not.


Conversation with my God

One day I sat down for a chat with God,
I asked God,"God, come and talk to me."
Summons went out after many a year.
God came and sat down to talk to me.
I tried being friendly;asked him what He'd been upto.
He smiled nonchalantly, said."The usual, taking care of things you know."
Smiling sarcastically I said,"Oh ok. The usual stuff."
Lashing out like a thunderous wave, "Then why dont you take care of me?"
"But my child,havent I always looked after you?",he asked me.
Oh really! Have you now?
Then tell me where were You when they dismantled my body from soul.
I said what the heck,they can have my body ,never my soul.
God is looking and will take care of it all.
But You didnt respond;let it happen again,and yet again.
Where were You when I was lying on my bed, motionless, soundless, for hours on end?
Not fear;just hatred of myself and them against whom I couldnt defend.
Where were You when I was being driven crazy,over the top?
Driving madly,not wanting to stop.
Just waiting for each day to come to the end.
Couldnt see nothing much beyond.
Where were You when I was walking hazy in a dream-like state.
Wanting life to end,knowing my nemesis,waiting for my Fate.
And then where were You when those things were happening to him?
You knew I would love him,yet You catered to that beast's whim.
You didnt take of me,You didnt take care of him.
And now You expect me to keep mum?
God said,"But thats the way it was meant to be,
You were to never find perfection in all eternity."
I said,"Thank You God for your kind endeavour and listening to my plea.
But it seems like even You didnt really understand me.
He is always perfect to me,always will be.
But that doesnt excuse you from your Duty."
You gave me life,you gave me love for a few days.
My heart saw a million different dreams spreading out in so many ways.
Thanking You God,I thanked my stars.
At last the end to covered mindless wars.
And then You pulled him out of my reach.
You'd done it again;my trust you did breach.
I dont know what to do;just wanting to scream.
They say You cant kill God;He lives on,He is supreme.
But God today I tell You this and more.
If I cant be with him,I'll kill You for sure.
You are my God,I've loved You like Hell.
But I love him more than You;than words can ever tell.
So if you come between me and him.
I promise You'll never be my God again.
I will lose my Father,I will lose my soul.
But I will not,never,lose again a part of my whole.
You've seen my worship,You've seen my respect.
Now it's time You get to see a brand new aspect.
God said,"Give it Time child,all will be well.
Only Time will show the Future,Time will tell."
I crossed my arms and leaned back and said:
"I'm waiting God but remember Time's dues will be paid."


Lost in Wishful Eternity

Sitting across the table, looking at your eyes.

With joy my heart dances like the green glowing fire-flies.

Kisses so sweet that melts my soul.

Such that it flies to become a part of your whole.

Hold my hand and we’ll dance the night away.

Crazy steps but our hearts beat perfect to the rhythm, sway.

Hold my hand and I’ll be free.

Lost in my own wishful eternity.

In our dreams we shall take flight on your white white wings.

Tick-tock tick-tock, the pendulum of time swings.

Sitting in my dark room,all alone.

Thinking of the times we talked on the phone.

Sharing our memories, dark and blue.

Leisurely hours and how time flew.

Remember the times we walked down the lane.

Holding hands, me tripping now and then.

Cupid struck,it was time to celebrate.

With that we also had to contend with Fate.

Without you my life has become gloomy and dull.

Missing you,waiting for the messenger to sing, any signal.

They say you’ve gone far away.

To a far-off place, a sandy bay.

Look into my heart, you reside therein.

Waiting for the time for life to begin.

Love came and swept me away in a passionate torrent.

Like a dry brown leaf I’m dancing in the mad current.

Till then I’m happy in this worldly insanity.

Want nothing more than to be lost in my wishful eternity.


Let's Return to Childhood....

When I see the bright gleam of your eyes,
I see the sunlight between the trees;the wind sighs.
I see your smile and fall in love all over again.
Like the first time I had walking down the lane.
And every time I hold your hand and smile back at you.
I know I've found a joy known to the very few.
And everytime you kiss my lips and say,"It's Okay!"
I want to kiss you back and say,"I'm always there."
In love with you I've returned to a beautiful place.
A place I'd thought I'd lost, where the soft moonlight kissed my face.
Where I'd felt love and warmth and joy.
Where I knew I wasn't going to be used like a toy.
Twisting my fingers around your curl.
Playing with your hair, waiting for love to unfurl.
Unfurl it did and I returned to my childhood
With you I knew Love was no falsehood.
Love is about giving;giving all you have and more.
Expecting nothing, just loving for sure.
With you I could run free once more.
Like a lil girl in skirts at age four.
I loved not your body but your pure white soul.
I love every inch of you, every part of your whole.
This fragile heart now rests in your hands.
With all its emotions, like of a rainbow,its bands.
Break it, cuddle it or trample it underneath your foot.
Just don't throw it away but display it as your loot.
Even if you break my heart, it's emotions wont die.
It'll love you still,for sure,it'll tell not one lie.
Till then I live in my beautiful innocence revived for as long as I can.
Seeing you grow from a boy to a man.
Rest assured I'm eternally there for you.
Just gimme a signal and I'll do all I can possibly do.
And know that wherever I am, whatever I do.
A part of my heart,my sweet darling,is always full of you.
I'm no angel though I've wanted to be.
I've hurt many people by just being me.
But you touched my heart as you passed me by.
Gave me wings with which I could fly !!
And now that I'm flying without wings,wanting time to stall.
Promise me that you'll catch me before I begin to fall...
But thanks, my sweetheart, for returning my childhood to me.
Forgetting the troubles and the worries,just wanting to be!
Loving and sharing unconditionally in all its entirety.......


"Fragile Heart"

If u want my heart
U have 2 promise not 2 tear it apart
'Cause my heart
Has been hurt a lot
And it always seems
Love is not sweet, like in dreams
Something falls through
But I don't want that 2 happen 2 me and u

So be
Careful, warning
Fragile heart

Last Saturday
We ate dinner at your parents' place
Last Saturday, u said
How u feel will not go away
Well, all the fishes in the sea
Could not be happier than me

So be
Careful, warning
Fragile heart

Only fools believe that
Nothing changes, nothing leaves
But I need 2 believe that we at least
Will have some dignity
'Cause everything changes
Nothing stays the same
But that's no excuse 2 be casual
Or 2 place the blame
U have 2 be careful with me

So be
Careful, warning
Fragile heart

picked it up 4rm sumwhr...identify wit a lot.....


Sitting Across the Table.

Sitting across the table,
Looking at those eyes,
I realize how much I love you,
I profoundly thank God for giving, to me, you.

Sitting across the table,
Looking at those eyes,
I see hurt,
I see pain,
I want to reach out ,
Hold you tight in my arms...
I want to plant a kiss on your cheek...
To wipe away your tears
And steal all the hurt away.......

Sitting across the table
Looking at those sad eyes
I realize I've contributed
Contributed to the hurt, the pain
I faltered, I did hurt you

Sitting across the table
Looking at those eyes
I sign a pact with myself
I vow to give you love
To take all the pain away
To make your eyes shine like they did one sunny sunny day

Sitting across the table
Looking at those eyes
I now know
What I have for you is pure
I want to protect you
I just want to make you happy
And I know its love that I feel..
All my doubts I lay to rest today..
And dream about whats to be tommorow..



Lifeless time, time eternal
How can you be so heartless
You have seen all that ever was and will be
Yet you have never felt anything
Oh I wish I could be as hard as you
Then again I am happy I am soft
For I can feel pain and sadness
All the feelings driven by hell
But I can also feel love and joy
And I can be happy
When you live in closed walls
You donot feel the cold wind
Or the whiping rain
But you donot also see the sun
Neither feel its warmth
Donot smell the flowers
I want to be free from those closed walls
And if this be the price then I am willing
Time, kind sir, I may need your help
But do you realize you do need mine
Time, kind sir, lets make a deal
I will show you love
All I want from you is some of your precious presence
I will show you the sun the flowers all that is to be felt
Take you out of that closed four walls
I will show you a lot
Just if you would give some of your precious presence
To My Princess and me if you would
Time, kind sir, give some of your time



So this is what it feels like.
To be lonely in a crowd;
to be left alone.
When people even don’t know you are around.
That you are screaming inside, but they cant hear the sound...

Eternal loneliness finished with a few moments of joy;

And then separate loneliness again.
I'm here, you are there...
Know you are there, waiting for me
But cant see you with these eyes....
Missing you at all possible times..
people, so many of them,
but they still don’t understand, do they now?
How you and me fit and were meant to be...

doesn’t matter anyways, does it now?

You are there waiting for me I know.

But I ain’t good at this waiting game either you know.
Always I come up against this black dark wall .
The pounding in my head says I’m going insane.
Have no reason either to combat this bane.
I never felt loneliness before in its true unabashed self.
That's coz I never knew there were so many emotions to delve.
I never knew loneliness before coz I thought there wasn’t anyone,
and now I feel double, whatever I’m feeling, someone else is too...
I’m going insane thinking about how to take care of you...

I’ve cherished you as a child of my heart,

I’ve never wanted to let you apart.
Even if it’s momentary, this separation is making me go insane.
Knowing it'll give you and me the same amount of pain.
The shooting star has burnt out and bitten the dust.

Lost in the brown dusty earth, a first.

But in that meeting with the earth the star was not finished.
Rather the shooting star found it’s seeked resting place.
Found a close enclave, no more does the shooting star have to roam the space.

If this is my insanity so be it, it’s better than roaming and frustration.

This is, I bet, the whole world’s best sensation.
If this entails going insane, then so be it.
I was saved from being eternally lit.

The eternal agony of looking and not finding.
Hating the world at large, waiting for the ending.
If this is going insane, then so be it....


White Night Fantasy

Enchantress came to me
And said, meet me at the lake tonight

I hunt this song to the white
Through the shroud of snow I saw paradise
Peace, no more lies

Crestfallen soul
Rest for this night
Love is here
Right here under my wings

I dream of wolves
With them I run
For me she lengthened the night
I am home
I am in peace

Crestfallen soul
Rest for this night
Love is here
Right here under my wings

a beautiful song,I dont know by whom,dont care either,as long as the words convey it all.....



Trapped in this body I no longer want to stay.

Away from these physicalities, isn’t there any other way?

Where you walk but there are no footprints in the sand.

Where I can hold your soul without holding your hand.

I can then fly, go wherever I wanted ever to go.

Any faraway land, any imaginary shore.

All that the mind may have heard in poem and lore.

Where you wont be missed, you can be wherever you wanted to be.

You don’t feel helpless,

You don’t have to open your heart every time to show your true feelings.

For then it would be clear, all.

Where there is no ridicule after a fall.

Coz then everyone of us will fly.

Free from each other, and yet bound, we even don’t have to try.

Try to be perfect , try to be free.

Choose and decide, which is dearer to me.

And then prove my choice for everyone to see.

For the moment all alone is all I want to be.

Coz in the end, nothing matters.

What you do, what the world infers.

The soul is always here, aint it?

Then why don’t we all free it from the body in which it

Stays trapped……

To a place:

Where there is no love, no hate.

There are no feelings to be controlled by fate.

Where you are dead but yet not so.

Where you can just be, go with the flow.

Why hasn’t such a place been discovered as yet?

Or is it too expensive for it, to me, be let.

I want to break free, tear all these binds.

Kill these tears before my sight it blinds.

I don’t wanna stay trapped in this body anymore.

Any other place is better than this and that’s for sure.


For You

There are a thousand people thousand a way
Because all these people have to have their say

They tell us this wont work and that is wrong
But who told them what is right all along

And did they ever stand where we do
Did they take my eyes to look at you

Did they ever check my heartbeat
Did they ever dare to take my seat

Rite now I am under the butterfly's sway
I will destroy all who get in our way

To break us a lot of them will try
And when they do they will die

I shall die without you being with me
So I shall fight for you with my life you see


And then I saw the moon.....

I hope this poem answers all your queries,
I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking, I had many worries.
I knew you were busy and I needed time alone.
To feel like what it would be like with you gone.
Sitting in the dark waiting for a ride.
I saw the car flying high up in the air.
And I thought how fate can be,
The ride I was waiting for was never meant to be.
Of how we can only plan and think,
How fate can defeat us after bringing us to the brink.
And then I went for the ride high above in the air.
With the wind making waves in my lonely brown hair.
And then I looked up and saw the moon,
And I knew someday I’ll see you soon.
It doesn’t really matter whether I’m really with you.
At least I’ve found you and want to be there to start life anew.
But this heart refuses to understand, cry it must for it loves too much.
But life asks for an answer to every question, a test as such….
And the question being asked is whether I can love you.
Is there enough strength to carry me through the years not so few?
I was doubting myself, I knew very well.
My heart was tolling an unheard troubling knell.
And then I looked up and saw the moon.
And I knew someday I’ll see you soon.
I don’t know if that’ll be in this world or in the next.
I don’t even know if there is a world after this one.
And I don’t know even there if I’ll be allowed to be with you there.
And then I looked up at the moon.
And I knew someday I’ll be with you someday soon.And even if you aren’t , I know someone’s out there.
With whom my world I would like to share.
And that is a thought which would carry me through the years.Soothe my aching heart, rest all my fears.
I gave you a promise, not to shed a tear.
I’m sorry I broke that today, but to my heart I always keep it near.
Many a time I’ve let the tears dry up in my eye.
My heart ached to let them run, but I never did cry.
I looked dazed and confused but I love you I know.
All these years I have to live with only memories to show.
The years will change you and me beyond the other’s comprehension.
The society will get to me is my greatest tension.
We’ll be seeing things new in faraway places.
The years will even change how we looked at each other’s faces.
But I can always look up at the moon..
And hear my innermost thought’s tune.
I hope to hear the heartbeat that beats in your chest.
As I pray and hope for the best.
But I can always look up at the moon.
As it looks upon my secret wish to see you soon.
At least it knows how much I’ll love you till the very end.
I look at the moon and remember once all the love you send,
The moon knows how I lived my life, lived my time.
I don’t even have to send it all to it through a silly rhyme.
The moon knows how I loved a boy with all my soul.
How it feels like to be the part of a whole.
And how it feels to be disjointed, lost in time and space.
How it feels like that I’ll never be able to see his dear face.
But then I look at the moon and see its sweet glow.
And I think that the wind must there too blow.
The moon I see, the wind that kisses me.
Must be there too , with thee.
What more do I need than the knowledge of a soul,
Me being a part of the wonderful whole.


Living Flames

The fire that burns within
To comprehend they cant begin

Consumed in the flames I move
Dont care if they disaprove

Like embers we shall fly
From the flames to the sky

Who shall stop us? Who are they?
Who dares get in this inferno's way?

Lets turn the dark night into day
Lets burn all that is in our way

All this because the strength I know
With this strength we can set it aglow

Without you what would be left of me
Nothing but leftover ashes and derbis

Burn me destroy me dont let me survive
All the while I exist make me know I live



Today I had a taste of the terrible fear
Of the fear that you may suddenly dissapear

Today I was there like I am everyday
You had suddenly vanished without a say

I didnt know why and I didnt know where
Standing in the crowd I didnt shed a tear

But oh if you could see what was inside me
It was a firestorm that wouldnt let me be

I sang the soulfull tune hoping that you hear
While I waited each moment seemed like a year

Then you answered back much to my relief
You had gone flying alone much to my grief

Why where and what I was doing you knew very well
You had to go away alone so fast you couldnt tell

But today I had a taste of the terrible fear
Of the fear that you may suddenly dissapear

Today it has put thoughts unkind
Thoughts very unkind in my mind

I dont know why did you suddenly decide
To dissapear suddenly and go on a ride

I felt so helpless felt so weak
Life without you its all so bleak

All I say is till you are with me
Please dont dissapear so suddenly



There is that faint music that I can hear
While I try to sleep it spies into my ear

Whatever it says I dont even care to know
Because all I can think of rite now is you

Whatever time that I have in this limit
In its entirety to you I want to commit

When I can be with you I shall hold you
When I cannot I shall have Deja vu

Somewhere in my mind you shall always find
Thoughts of you and me flying in the wind

After now again in my life's december
I think you know what I will remember

These memories will be all I have you see
So why dont they be of you smiling at me

If there is somereason that hinders your joy
Just tell me what it is and it I shall destroy

Consider this an ernest request
For you to smile at me my princess