Goodbye my love, goodbye to you.
Don’t be sad, I’m going to wait for you.
Don’t let me see you cry, I need you more than ever.
I know its goodbye though I’m not clever.
I love you, I’ll love you forever.
Think of me when you’re far away.
Think of me at least once a day.
I’ll be thinking of you alright.
As the day becomes night,
And dark turns to rosy light.
Waiting in the departure lounge ain't easy.
I can’t really see you going away baby.
I want to scream, tell you to stop.
But my silence speaks in a single tear drop.
You have to fly for hours non-stop.
A last hug, and the questions bleed like a wound.
Tell me I’m not going to lose my love new found.
I hope that we are perfect, we’re meant to be.
That I’ll hug you once again with utmost glee.
That I’ll meet you once before eternity.
But for now its a goodbye, for a last kiss am screaming.
But as your flight’s announced, I know its time, you are leaving.
A thousand miles and more is not a breath away.
As the flight takes off, I wish the nagging pain would go away.
I cant bear to watch anymore, I turn my head away.
And I hear my tears softly scream-
Goodbye and take good care.
Know that I love you my dear.

Just for a moment

Love lasts just for a moment.

You’ll be here for just a moment.

I know it fully well, and have taken a decision.

I’ll be there waiting for you with the keys in the ignition.

And then maybe we can go for a ride just for a moment.

It’s better to have fun rather than sit and lament.

If it’s going to be just a moment, I’m going to enjoy every bit.

Even though tears sting at my heart like within a thousand fires lit.

Just stay back for an evening out, or a night or two.

Just give me a chance- your heart to woo.

I had everything planned, roses and candlelight.

The flames dancing in the rhythm of my sight.

And then I go and spoil it all; cracking a stupid joke.

And asking still smiling broadly: “When’ll you be back?”

And then the magic of the moment is broken as the smiles disappear.

You go serious, my a tad –bit- too- broad smile is replaced by fear.

I may not be anybody of consequence.

But you are of utmost importance.

I may leave your life without a trace.

And no one around you will even know my face.

But when I’m gone remember I’m always remembering you.

That I never ever once wanted to say adieu.

I know neither do you do, but I understand people change.

With time and distance hearts estrange.

But baby, I’m writing this to let you know.

I’m going to be stupid till the day I go.

Love for me doesn’t last for a moment.

But I’m willing to take chances and give my emotions vent.

Hold your hand and hope that this moment’s an eternity.

Till once again when ancient will become modernity.


It's Personal...Messed Up

Time never ends as it never stops.
Life goes on, it just numbs it all.
There is no end to the start.

Its all a confusing mixture of colors.
Instead of the rainbow, its mixture in oil
That lies on the roadside, dripping wet.
Lying on the bed, clenched fists,
Thinking some thoughts, which doesn't exists.
Listening to the sound of silence.
Waiting for some music, some noise.
Living life without a meaning.
People walk on; hair flows down,
Light shines harshly forming diamonds on the brown.
Its Personal; no ones bothered.

But then we are too caught up in our lives.
To look beyond our tiny little lives.
Problems are huge, life is generally Sad.
But if you wanna know, if it helps.
You ain't alone, there's millions like me and you.

Leading silly short lives with nothing different.
Whose insignificant Lives are all Messed Up.
Yeah!More messed up than the colors on the road.


My Immortal...

Once it was cold and lonely

I was feeling down and blue

You said to me “Hold on Tight!

I’m always going to be there for you.”

And you did, my immortal.

Forever and for always.

But the journey’s just begun.

The road ahead is long and drawn.

Everyone is searching for their immortals

Someone who’ll come and say: “I’m here.

Forever, trust me and have no fear.”

So what’s the hurry, life is long.

The journey is only lonely.

There’s only happiness on the other side,

Green meadows and rainbows and flowers.

They pale in comparison to the colors of love.

Life’s stones are easier to tread on.

As you know there’s someone who’s by your side.

So what’s the hurry? My little friend,

The journey has just begun.

Tarry awhile and see it shape up.

Nothing is easy, nothing is fun.

Just need to mix colors and the world’s just begun.