Steely Sphinx

I am free, I am bound to thee no more.
Oh, you world of selfish reasons.
So many dreams, beliefs and aspirations
Of mine have you engulfed within your molten core.
What an irony,the molten core has no heart.
Its all red lava with not an iota of emotion.
It makes men of steel and steel of men.
All your sinful piety appeals to me no more.
I've had enough of you and your self-glorious ways,
It's my time now,to move on and assert myself.
Not in this steely world as you would want.
But in my private sphere where you aren't allowed.
You might pester and plead,but oh!You foolish one,
The place you lost once cannot be blackmailed from me.
I'm over and through, I am just so bored of you.
Your tricks and your whiles don't appeal anymore.
And you ain't even a mystery worthy to be solved.
'Coz you are just a sphinx with no charm at all.
Just another dementor wanting my soul.
You can have my body,you can have my mind.
But believe me this promise I made to thee.
As long as the wind enters the stairways of my hell.
I shall prevent thee from corrupting my mind.
You shall cheat no more from me a part of my thoughts.
And make castles of thin air with the "stories" I just told.
So be pleased with your jealousy and self-glorifying ways.
This my final adieu to you my dear friend-"Happy Plays".

PS:when i say good-bye i really mean it...people are rid of my mind and heart forever as if they never existed at all..this poem says goodbye to some-one.

Silent Reverie

In a silent reverie,I go on with weird life.
Hoping and straining my ears for the sound of a strife.
I just need to hear a sound,the sound of your voice.
A few moments of fleeting joy in the vanity of a day.
The tide comes and washes away from my eyes the muddy clay.
Its time to labour,a time to be patient.
A time will come when I'll be with you again.
Till then wait is all I can do,knowing that-
as the warm fingerprint ebbs away from the cold steel.
The pain gnawing at my heart will find recession too.
This life is so dull and insipid-no glorious joy.
But there's a hope that I'm going to meet my sweet boy.
So when you read this oh u passer-by,stop and think.
Know that this has been created of a patience unsurpassed by a wink.
Dont lose what you have,by thinking what what you dont.
I committed that mistake and ever repeat that?I wont.
I'm waiting now for a chance to come my way again.
And this time I know time wont be spent in vain.
Not that time was of no use these days.
I knew you a lil more,and loved even more.
You got to see me from closer and we grew up.