The little waif checks her image in the mirror a little nervously
She starts walking up the rickety stairs slowly, softly, surreptitiously!
As the wooden floor creaks underneath her light weight,high heels.
She rings the door bell, and so sets into motion fortune's wheels.
The long awaited moment has come at last,when she shall be freed.
A nice little bargain she had struck with the man who had the greed.
The greed for flesh and lust for love entwined.
With no wedding vows nor promises of undying love.
He kissed her lips for he hadn't had enough,then made love.
Gnawing at her slim wrists with a slimmer blade.
Joyous Blood oozed out as turbulent Life began to fade.
She had dreamt of dreams in an unseen heaven,
He found in her lovely corpse his secure haven.
And as her breaths started slowly fading away.
She gave him a white rose for peace to light his way.
He dipped it in her red making it more priceless than a ruby.
She kissed his lips a final time and smiled like a white lily.
He closed her eyes and stuck it in his pocket nonchalantly.

[PS: Nothing personal...Just musings on a random evening]