ME AND mr. deja vu SO KEEP THAT IN MIND WHEN COMMENTING..and dnt comment keeping me in mind only....chk out from whom has the rainbow emerged.



I look up at the clouds in the sky
So bright, so white, all so wonderful.
The sea gulls flying pointing to the sea
With its water sparkling like diamonds strewn on a field.
The smell of fresh air coming from the open horizon
As it stretches to grab what is infinity.
Feel the bright warm sunlight on my back
And turn around to look at the mountain peak
Covered with golden snow melting off the sun.
Mother nature hugs me from all around
In her bright green dress polka-dotted with reds, blues, yellows
And all the colors in the world, even those unnamed
And what is this that falls onto the ground?
A drop of water, is it rain?
More seem to fall, one on my finger, its warm.
I taste it, it's salty.
Mother nature hugs me tighter, but its not even consolation.

The sun is gone, the sky turns black.
No more do i hear the sound of birds.
A sudden shock of thunder i hear somewhere
A flash of lightning's teeth follows in its wake.
My heart filled with sadness, my hands clenched they shake.

Drops of ice cold numbness pour on me.
This time it is the pouring shower
But it doesn't numb away the pain inside
One more flash, it lights up the horizon
What is that at a distance?
I run, so fast that it feels like flying
Is it you?

I cant clearly see but I go and hold tight
Who else would come for me but you.
Holding on dearly with all my might
You kiss away with your warm lips, the brine from my eyes
And I see, it is you, I soar up high
Above the dark clouds, above the black sky
With you in my arms, I have wings to fly
With you in my arms, I have joy in my heart
Once I hold you tight we shall never be apart

The brine dries up, only a smile remains
All because you are there in my arms.
I want you, i need you, i cant live without you.
Finally rid of a life without you
With childish joy, we shall find happiness anew.

Up above the world so high
Like two doves we shall fly.


Walking through the woods...a ballad

Walking through the woods, holding hands.
Looking at the rainbows with its many colored bands.
Seeing such dreams that only lovers can see.
A future bright and sweet and a child running about in glee.
So many dreams about our home.
Where the heart rests after a long roam.
Walking through the woods and kissing lightly.
Making our way through life with a step sprightly.
As darkness descends we both get scared.
I try to hold onto your grasp but alas, despaired.
Shrubs so thick and mangly, deep is the bloody cut.
But they are nothing compared to the one in my heart.
I cant see you my love, I cant find you.
Im searching through the night dark and blue.
Where are you? My heart cries out.
But the resounding silence leaves me without a doubt.
You aint there.
You aint near anywhere.
I see the dawn breaking through the leaves.
And like the red drops my heart grieves.
Im searching for you, just answer me once.
I wont take much of your time, just kiss you once.
And then I see a sight that much joy to me brings.
Such that I skip and my heart begins to sing.
You are right there standing at the edge of the wood.
Waiting for me in the same spot as long as you could.
I wrap my fingers around you quick.
And my heart says good-bye to the fears so toxic.
I’d thought you say at the cross-roads “Goodbye my dear.
This is where our path ends I fear.
I go my own way, you go yours.
And forget the dreamy future years.”
I’ve got you close to my heart once again.
Thank you dear God for ridding me of my fiery pain.
Hold my hand and kiss me once.
Let me believe in my ballad’s joyance.

[This poems a love song based on a dream I had but am not very confident about the ending that I saw...]