Nothing personal

I hate you for giving birth to me.
I hate you for being friends with me.
I hate you for bringing me up.
I hate you for usurping my place.
I hate you all for my ambitions you've crushed.
I hate you all for having made me feel pushed.
I hate myself for the hearts I've broken.
I hate you for the promises you've broken.
I hate you all for labelling me a 'type '.
I hate myself for never having tried to break that hype.
I hate you for all the times you've hurt me.
I hate myself for the things I never wanted to be.
Its nothing personal you know,just my spirits are down.
Its nothing personal you know,just don't let me down.
Its nothing personal you know,just that I was all alone.
Its nothing personal you know,that much I do own


"Touch The Light"

In this world of darkness,
I find no voice.
My guilt,my shame speaks,
Can you hear me?
In this world of darkness,
My once-proud head now bowed,
My ambitions crushed, my joys trampled,
Why did this happen to me?
In this world of darkness,
I have been betrayed by friends,
Family,I have none, to say.
What did I do to deserve this?
In this world of darkness,
somebody's doing this,some other that.
I have no talents to speak of.
Why was I made like this?
In this world of darkness,
I cant speak to anybody of my shame,
I cant share my thoughts.
What did I do to deserve this?
In this world of darkness,
I cry alone,I laugh with you.
My eyes speak for me.
Can anybody help me?
In this world of unhappiness,
They say you must feel sorrow to express what you feel.
For words to pour forth in their gushing speed.
Did I really ever want this?
In this world of darkness,
I find no light ,however dim it may be.
don't discard this as something superficial.
Have you ever wondered why?
In this world of darkness,
I've lost my eyes of love,
I've become blind to this world.
Why did He do this to me?

In this little thought of mine,
Have you ever wondered how many times you've heard 'I'?
'what','why','when','how'-the eternal questions.
Only this time round its different.
I'm asking them coz I've seen light.
A thin ray of hope,of words,shining through.
And, my friends,I want you to see it too.

"this little piece here is very close to my heart.Its something very personal,something I've felt,something I've experienced thru many a time.......bits are about myself.....bits are about someone I know.....Who's very close to my heart...Someone whom I want to help but I cant partly due to this society in which I live in,partly due to my own weakness of moral fibre, I've not been able to stand upto the situation.
This little piece is a sort of tribute to a wonderful person who's very strong,the strength of my life..This ones for you MA n all that u did n u r doing all for our sake...........Love U"


Water running down my fingertip.
Water drops splashing merrily on my window pane.
Blessed rain washes away many a pain.
The heat,the sun scorching the earth.
Of water ,gift of life,there's a great dearth.
A sigh of thanksgiving passes from the farmer's lips.
Water,water running down my fingertips.

Tip-tap-Tip-tap ...my heart beats a merry tune.
Of many dreams my fingers have sewn.
What is water to me and you?
A glass of water,raindrops few?
Or maybe a teardrop shed in time,
When one cant speak through words or mime.
But those wet pearls speak of sorrow or fear or joy.
Water,you see,shows the dreams with which you toy.

Water is a very important part of our life,
"To Save Water"- Is the motto of our strife.
Don't have to do things big,just do them small.
Turn off the tap and that can be all.
"Save Water,save Life"-is the cry of our generation.
And we've got to save it to stop mankind from degeneration.

What love??

Love,this is the second word you get to hear.
Can you ever tell me when you found it near?
Can you?Can I?

TV,films,soaps,ads-its all the same,
Love,love,love,you all hear the name.
Haven't you?Haven't I?

Love is the butterfly we're all trying to catch.
From the illusion of life we're all trying to snatch.
Aren't you?Aren't I?

Has anybody ever found the perfect examples.
Though you and I may have tried one or two samples.
Have you?Have I?

Does perfect love,utopian love, exist at all?
Cant you put the name of "respect,"understanding","friendship" in it small.
Can you?Cant I?