A golden cage

A slender figure, decades old.
Sitting with her cage, made of gold.
Long dead eyes look out to see the sky.
But her sight is too blurred, for her to see by.
She waits for him with the letters cutched in her hand.
Waiting for the winged bird to come with like magical wand.
Her white cold hand touches the paper.
Ages old and decayed, like forget-me-nots they smoulder.
Turning into dust, valued at nitch.
She smiles as she wonders if her looks still bewitch.
Dreams in her dreams wearing the white wedding gown.
She tries to remember love as just a noun.
Spiders weaving cobwebby tale make home in her bosom.
A sad destiny indeed for a maid so lissom
Stares at the images on the wall, vision flickers.
Tomorrow she'll be gone with no trace; faith never wavers.
Waiting for him, she must,as she always had.
Letting not a tear fall, as promised to her lad.
The room is his, so are the letters.
But she lives there in her mind, bound by imaginary fetters.
For there is her mind- passion glows.
For there is that room emotions overflow.


Silver Moondrop

A silver moondrop shines on my nose.
I reach out to feel it before it goes.
A thing of beauty,of silver joy forever.
Enchants me to hide it,to show never.
I place it gently on a finger and run.
To show him the moondrop,share the fun.
Place the drop on his forehead, it trickles down.
Runs along his brows,smoothens his frown.
Disappears into his lashes,i cry:i was the keeper!
Slowly he stirs awake,opens his peeper.
Lo and behold!!My moondrops not one but two.
And in the eyes which I forever knew.
Its my own moondrop,it shall stay forever with me.
And I'll treasure it's wonder, enchantment and ethereal beauty.