My love is suffocating you, aint it?

Holding you tight, should I let go a bit?

I’m loving so much that its killing you.

Holding too tight, you cant breathe, till you are blue.

But I’m sorry, I never meant it that way,

It’s just that I want to be with you whether night or day.

Walk with you on roads dappled with sunlight.

Hold your hand as we walk through the darkest hour of the night.

But I suppose I’m smothering you, holding too tight.

If that’s what you want then ,then have your way.

If you are happy that way then do go away.

I won’t stop you, and I certainly wont cry.

But to be lil closer to you this heart shall always try.

But see that my love doesn’t kill you, doesn’t suffocate.

Tell me when I choke you, till your last breath don’t wait.

Murderous desire, with love-filled eyes.

Thou have taken away the free bird from the clear blue skies.

Hateful love thou must die.

Cry like a river, weep, cry.

Cut yourself up and let the blood flow.

For this folly thy penance must show.

Intentions don’t matter, thou murderous emotion.

Sit back and relax, love shouldn’t become an obsession.

Thou have no faith, so damned insecure.

For this cursed cancer there is no cure.

Don’t want this precious leaf to disappear in life’s turbulent stream.

To catch it thou struggle, thou cry, thou scream.

But oh foolish heart, take note, beware.

That the river isn’t created by your own tears, take care.

Murderous love, thou must die; but you do as you would deem fit.

With those three last words I will now take my exit.




Cruel Unforeseen Void
You have taken from me
And I have let you all this time
I did not have reason and just rhymed the pain away
But now i live to my name and stand up against you
You are powerful i agree
But be afraid i have a power greater now
You may say think i am weak i am a mere mortal
All these years i hated
And i let you win i let you take away
I wanted and i gave it all away
I can greed i can hate i can let them all eat away
And so i did and let you win
But you forget
I can love
Now i tell you be afraid
Be afraid for i am human
And as human i love
You are no more my master
Now i know i have won even before battle
I am happy, my tears kissed away
The rain on my head wiped with soft hands
I dont need flowers
Her hair is more fragnant than a thousand roses
My tears dont fall like rain on hard earth anymore
Now i know, i know how to fly
I know you have lost
So i tell you come
Let us work together
I will show you how wonderful it is to be human
To be mortal
Come sir fate in your shapeless form
And i shall show you humanity
All i beg is fight no more
And let me hold my princess in peace


Porcelain Man

Porcelain man porcelain man
You stupid fool to your death you ran

All this time with your heart in black
You had it all what did you lack

For all these years you knew very well
That the only place for you would be in hell

You knew your curse you knew your fate
You could have delayed your entrance to hells gate

Porcelain man porcelain man
You stupid fool to your death you ran

When you began you knew in your mind
Your master's hand your end would find

You knew very well you were bound to him
You had life eternal doing his sins

It had been so for years on end
Why did you so suddenly break the trend

Porcelain man porcelain man
You stupid fool to your death you ran

In that little flower what did you note
That she stuck in your coat

In that kiss what did you seek
That she gave on your perfect cheek

Why in the end could you not do
And go against her as you were supposed to

Porcelain man porcelain man
You stupid fool to your death you ran

But in the end you are not a fool
For you broke out of your curse's rule

Today you are forever free
Even from the gates of hell you see

The little girl that you did save
Cried to bring you to heaven on its wave

Porcelain man porcelain man
I believe for you this was god's plan