Cruel Unforeseen Void
You have taken from me
And I have let you all this time
I did not have reason and just rhymed the pain away
But now i live to my name and stand up against you
You are powerful i agree
But be afraid i have a power greater now
You may say think i am weak i am a mere mortal
All these years i hated
And i let you win i let you take away
I wanted and i gave it all away
I can greed i can hate i can let them all eat away
And so i did and let you win
But you forget
I can love
Now i tell you be afraid
Be afraid for i am human
And as human i love
You are no more my master
Now i know i have won even before battle
I am happy, my tears kissed away
The rain on my head wiped with soft hands
I dont need flowers
Her hair is more fragnant than a thousand roses
My tears dont fall like rain on hard earth anymore
Now i know, i know how to fly
I know you have lost
So i tell you come
Let us work together
I will show you how wonderful it is to be human
To be mortal
Come sir fate in your shapeless form
And i shall show you humanity
All i beg is fight no more
And let me hold my princess in peace


Chinmaya said...

powefullly put in a very subtle way..gud going again :)

sashu said...

LOVELY!!!!! derz no oder word to describe ur write :) aesome blog in a whole too.. keep up the good job mate!