My love is suffocating you, aint it?

Holding you tight, should I let go a bit?

I’m loving so much that its killing you.

Holding too tight, you cant breathe, till you are blue.

But I’m sorry, I never meant it that way,

It’s just that I want to be with you whether night or day.

Walk with you on roads dappled with sunlight.

Hold your hand as we walk through the darkest hour of the night.

But I suppose I’m smothering you, holding too tight.

If that’s what you want then ,then have your way.

If you are happy that way then do go away.

I won’t stop you, and I certainly wont cry.

But to be lil closer to you this heart shall always try.

But see that my love doesn’t kill you, doesn’t suffocate.

Tell me when I choke you, till your last breath don’t wait.

Murderous desire, with love-filled eyes.

Thou have taken away the free bird from the clear blue skies.

Hateful love thou must die.

Cry like a river, weep, cry.

Cut yourself up and let the blood flow.

For this folly thy penance must show.

Intentions don’t matter, thou murderous emotion.

Sit back and relax, love shouldn’t become an obsession.

Thou have no faith, so damned insecure.

For this cursed cancer there is no cure.

Don’t want this precious leaf to disappear in life’s turbulent stream.

To catch it thou struggle, thou cry, thou scream.

But oh foolish heart, take note, beware.

That the river isn’t created by your own tears, take care.

Murderous love, thou must die; but you do as you would deem fit.

With those three last words I will now take my exit.



Chinmaya said...

very well thought off n written..:)

HONEYBEE said...

Its been quite some time since I last read your poem. When I read this one, I can't help notice the thread of sadness that runs through the language. It seems that the essence of your writing has changed and the face that hides beneath the confident winner is perhaps in need of some reassurance and security.
Good work, Debdyuti. Your poems have always been great. But this one was really unique.

Truth said...

Wow so talented...I scrolled down to a title that caught my attention and it didn't disappoint. You have a way with words...