Death in Paradise

It feels so nice to know you are in control.
It's nicer to know when you are about to fall.

Choosing the place and time when to go.
I'll choose to die in paradise where the soft winds blow.
This your wonderful paradise can be anywhere you want it to be.
On the top of the highest hill-top where you can shout with glee.

Where you feel like on the top of the world as the sun's raw rays kiss.
Spread your arms out and at last fly to your eternal bliss.
Or on the cliff as the waves lash the rocks below.

As you let your life's words on the soaked paper flow.
Scatter them to the winds and acquaint with your paradise.
As the sea-gulls above fill the skies with their cries.

Or in the blue-green sea play with the fish.
Tell the sea-horses your most unspeakable wish.

Die in paradise where you can have peace at last.
Free from your human frailties in the past.

But my spirit wont go out quietly in the night.

It wont go down without giving a good fight.
But wouldn't it be paradise if I could die by your side?

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