a lovely star

u r da only lovely star in the ugly sky,
may be u r twinkling or may be u r just shy,
i swear u r da most beautiful in the entire space,
nothing is prettier than ur smiling face,
u r much more beautiful than even a flower,
more colorful than a rainbow after a shower,
everyone is praising u including the mountains,
and the sky itself and all the sparkling fountains,
all da planets r jealous of u,even the earth,
because u have got something that cant be measured worth,
the truth is u,that all da universe will know,
the sun too seems to fade when u glow,
now, u r away ,like ,a several thousands miles,
but u r always there whenever i need smiles,
yeah,i'm writing for you my this rhyme,
in my heart i used to think of u all the time,
u r a hope for all always there 2 shine,
wish something like u would be mine,
i know u r a gorgeous and a lovely star,
yeah.i'm seeing u but u r just too far,
but still someday i will fly over the moon,
because my heart knows i'm gonna meet u soon.


The Oracle's Queen

There was once a princess,lover of Ki.
The queen Tamir a oracle had ordained to be.
Born a girl,made a boy by magic.
Her story was one really tragic.
Burdened with the task of lifting a curse.
Her sixteen years were tense and terse.
Born of a mad mother,a nameless father.
Because of her dual identity,she couldnt life's pieces gather.
Creating things anew was her knack.
But the one she loved couldnt love her back.
As if this confusion wasnt enough.
The going was to get even more tough.
Against her own blood she had to fight.
Show Korin the Illior's might.
Long and bloody the battle raged.
To save Skala,Tamir her battle waged.
Her Companions she lost to Korin's side.
The dark wizard Niryn was his time abide.
And then there was her twin Brother.
The one who was murdered,born of the same mother.
His spirit haunted her night after night,
Asking for vengeance,to put up a fight.
Beneath all the blood and gore,there was a story untold.
That unsaid story I will try to unfold.
Ki couldnt distinguish between Tobin and Tamir.
He couldnt understand which he held more dear.
Love her,he did,we are absolutely sure.
But for his confusion there was no human cure.
And then resourceful magic did its trick again.
The cord between spirit and human was strained.
Thus the story reached to its happy ending.
As in fantasy,Tamir and Ki,their love finding.
But what if magic had never been used?
Would the same conclusion have been reached?
Maybe then there would have been a change in Skalan history.
But that I am afraid is quite another story.

[This poem was written keeping the Lynn Flewelling's Book "The Oracle's Queen" in mind as inspiration you cud say....conclusions,analysis,wotevr is mine..]

The beginning of a end

I walk this dark empty street.
The music drags on with its monotonous beat.
I wonder as the world goes rushing by.
I lok on as people forget,people die.
A whirlwind of stories,torn papers flying.
I look on as people are dying,people are lying.
The spirits float out of thin air.
Mocking me,they lay my soul bare.
Look at what you were,and what you've become.
And life's just begun,there's more yet to come.
The travails of this journey has just begun.
Immortality has cursed,but me,none.
This yoke I must carry with every breath I take.
Bit by bit I must my world again make.
The going would get easier if I could compromise.
Lie a bit,pretend some more,say things nice.
But I refise to give up,I refuse to give in.
Hoping truth wud pop out of the bottle like a djinn.
So I am in it alone,confidantes finally afar.
Like a deer caught in the headlights of a car.
The multi-colored rims of its light.
Find surprised reflection in my sight.
Light trancends me,light trancends all.
Light shows you the way before you fall.
The demons are closing in,calling to me.
Showing me things that I dont wanna see.
This is my world,the prime location.
But nobody's allowed in without permission.
So knock on the door and patiently wait.
While I go and listen to the music innate.


Song Of A Night Bird

The night bird goes on and on with its song.
Through the day,and all night long.
Its a black bird they say.
But they can't be sure,there is no way.
For the night bird is elusive of its own choice.
Very few people really get to hear its voice.
It sings of its pleasure to the full white moon.
Hoping to meet one of its own very soon.
For you see,the moon is its dear friend.
The moon knows its story till the very end.
The night bird told its story in a song.
Singing through the night and all day long.
Hopping from tree to tree,twig to twig.
The darkness surrounding it is so so big.
But the moon is white,an ethereal glow.
In its light,the bird's true colors show.
And lo behold, it is midnight black no more!
Its like the lustrous pearl picked from the sandy shore.
They had never seen it in its own true form.
And that's cause superficiality was the accepted norm.
But they could have seen it in its white-speckled eyes.
Eyes are the true mirror of the soul;it tells no lies.
But its song talked of pure beauty like no other,
Then why 'o why didnt the others bother?
But of course it sang its song to the moon and noone else.
Who had the power to penetrate a darkness so dense?
It is waiting for the moon to pass a message.
One that will give it immortal passage.
One that says its time to carry on.
When phoenix colors it will surely don.
But till then you can surely try,
To catch a fleeting glimpse as it flies bye.
You can still hear the night bird's sighs.
You can even hear the flap of wings as it flies.
But it's song it sings to none but the moon.
And you aint gonna hear the song anytime soon ! !


For what never was....

My favorite songs playing oh so smoothly,
The hum of voices being raised ever so slowly,
The bright lights, the row of books look down upon me.
As they had that year in the month of February.
When I had fallen in love forever.
My first,my last,to end never.
I knew you were high,unachievable.
Find you at my side,I never would be able.
Your smile made the blood course through my vein.
It wasnt for me-it didnt penetrate my brain.
It was an emotion entirely new.
But I knew it was one of those rarest few.
I lived in those short few hours like never before.
Like the frothy white waves hitting the sandy shore.
I never do expect,never did.
I didnt realise you thought of me as just another kid.
Foolish me,innocent heart.
I imagined the end for what would never start.
The tears I cried,the thoughts I spent.
Never your image or memory did they dent.
I walk along the same road many a day.
But catch a glimpse of you?Nay.
Platonic love was all I am capable,
Even that you did enable.
I'm grateful to you for the gift you gave,
The joy,the emotions; the tears I forgave.
I walk along the same road once more.
Free from the physicalities as never before.
I set you free,my love.
So you could fly like the dove.
Like the bird of peace.
For that is what you gave me,peace!
Though for a few short moment,
With lesser other people their lives have spent.
Fly, fly like the wind.
As I await the world's end.
The day I'll be with you.
The start of a relationship new.
We'll wait hand in hand for our fate.
And this time I promise I'll not be late.
The rain-drops touch my hands as before.
The moon smiles down on me as before.
The wind runs through my hair still.
So I walk through life's journey still.
But remember me,for once we'll meet.
In a quiet place,far removed, we'll sit.
And then I'll tell about myself,my secrets,my life.
The smiles I smiled even as I felt stabbed by a knife.
And then you your decision will take.
But I wouldnt care,for once I know, I havent been fake.
Till then,my dear,I bid you good-bye,
But I'll find you near whenever I close my eye.
In death we'll meet,never to separate.
With calm anticipation I,my day, await.