For what never was....

My favorite songs playing oh so smoothly,
The hum of voices being raised ever so slowly,
The bright lights, the row of books look down upon me.
As they had that year in the month of February.
When I had fallen in love forever.
My first,my last,to end never.
I knew you were high,unachievable.
Find you at my side,I never would be able.
Your smile made the blood course through my vein.
It wasnt for me-it didnt penetrate my brain.
It was an emotion entirely new.
But I knew it was one of those rarest few.
I lived in those short few hours like never before.
Like the frothy white waves hitting the sandy shore.
I never do expect,never did.
I didnt realise you thought of me as just another kid.
Foolish me,innocent heart.
I imagined the end for what would never start.
The tears I cried,the thoughts I spent.
Never your image or memory did they dent.
I walk along the same road many a day.
But catch a glimpse of you?Nay.
Platonic love was all I am capable,
Even that you did enable.
I'm grateful to you for the gift you gave,
The joy,the emotions; the tears I forgave.
I walk along the same road once more.
Free from the physicalities as never before.
I set you free,my love.
So you could fly like the dove.
Like the bird of peace.
For that is what you gave me,peace!
Though for a few short moment,
With lesser other people their lives have spent.
Fly, fly like the wind.
As I await the world's end.
The day I'll be with you.
The start of a relationship new.
We'll wait hand in hand for our fate.
And this time I promise I'll not be late.
The rain-drops touch my hands as before.
The moon smiles down on me as before.
The wind runs through my hair still.
So I walk through life's journey still.
But remember me,for once we'll meet.
In a quiet place,far removed, we'll sit.
And then I'll tell about myself,my secrets,my life.
The smiles I smiled even as I felt stabbed by a knife.
And then you your decision will take.
But I wouldnt care,for once I know, I havent been fake.
Till then,my dear,I bid you good-bye,
But I'll find you near whenever I close my eye.
In death we'll meet,never to separate.
With calm anticipation I,my day, await.


Apeksha said...

xcellent..n touching..keep writing buddy

Anshuman said...

i m feelin so better reading this...i wish i cud make everyone of those read this piece-i cudnt express my feelin ne better that this.