The beginning of a end

I walk this dark empty street.
The music drags on with its monotonous beat.
I wonder as the world goes rushing by.
I lok on as people forget,people die.
A whirlwind of stories,torn papers flying.
I look on as people are dying,people are lying.
The spirits float out of thin air.
Mocking me,they lay my soul bare.
Look at what you were,and what you've become.
And life's just begun,there's more yet to come.
The travails of this journey has just begun.
Immortality has cursed,but me,none.
This yoke I must carry with every breath I take.
Bit by bit I must my world again make.
The going would get easier if I could compromise.
Lie a bit,pretend some more,say things nice.
But I refise to give up,I refuse to give in.
Hoping truth wud pop out of the bottle like a djinn.
So I am in it alone,confidantes finally afar.
Like a deer caught in the headlights of a car.
The multi-colored rims of its light.
Find surprised reflection in my sight.
Light trancends me,light trancends all.
Light shows you the way before you fall.
The demons are closing in,calling to me.
Showing me things that I dont wanna see.
This is my world,the prime location.
But nobody's allowed in without permission.
So knock on the door and patiently wait.
While I go and listen to the music innate.


Anshuman said...

okiez..this was another gud one.though i cudnt really relate to nethin specific-i liked it.though i cudnt really find the relation b/w the title and the poem.

debadyuti said...

its like evrythings around is comeing 2 an end...and im lookin at tht end coming up at me,im anticipating tht end,n my reaction 2 it...