The Oracle's Queen

There was once a princess,lover of Ki.
The queen Tamir a oracle had ordained to be.
Born a girl,made a boy by magic.
Her story was one really tragic.
Burdened with the task of lifting a curse.
Her sixteen years were tense and terse.
Born of a mad mother,a nameless father.
Because of her dual identity,she couldnt life's pieces gather.
Creating things anew was her knack.
But the one she loved couldnt love her back.
As if this confusion wasnt enough.
The going was to get even more tough.
Against her own blood she had to fight.
Show Korin the Illior's might.
Long and bloody the battle raged.
To save Skala,Tamir her battle waged.
Her Companions she lost to Korin's side.
The dark wizard Niryn was his time abide.
And then there was her twin Brother.
The one who was murdered,born of the same mother.
His spirit haunted her night after night,
Asking for vengeance,to put up a fight.
Beneath all the blood and gore,there was a story untold.
That unsaid story I will try to unfold.
Ki couldnt distinguish between Tobin and Tamir.
He couldnt understand which he held more dear.
Love her,he did,we are absolutely sure.
But for his confusion there was no human cure.
And then resourceful magic did its trick again.
The cord between spirit and human was strained.
Thus the story reached to its happy ending.
As in fantasy,Tamir and Ki,their love finding.
But what if magic had never been used?
Would the same conclusion have been reached?
Maybe then there would have been a change in Skalan history.
But that I am afraid is quite another story.

[This poem was written keeping the Lynn Flewelling's Book "The Oracle's Queen" in mind as inspiration you cud say....conclusions,analysis,wotevr is mine..]

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