I go on staring
May be something will come
But I know it wont
Ever felt that there is this big hole?
And your heart pumps harder,
And as the blood rushes to your head
You realize, you're alone
Thats how you come into this world
And that how you will go
Though I so very wish it was not so

I go on staring
Maybe something now?
But you knew where you are going,
Why did you go?
Dont you want to go back?
Why dont you undo what you did?
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Stop asking me questions.
I dont because I cant.
Why dont you understand?
But why cant you?
That is a question; I told you to stop.
Why do you want me to stop?
Were It possible you would be dead,
but alas you be the second half of me in my head
If you are to die I do too, So you know I wont kill you.
Why do you trouble me so? With all your questions?
I do because I feel the same as you; You Fool!
You fool! I understand that is why I do!

I go on staring
Even though I know nothing will come.
For I have hope; However false it might be
This false hope shows me what I want to see,
There is no hole, I am anew;
It is filled because its me and ...

An Ogre's Wish

Beauty can charm a beast, and so was I
Being an ogre, nothing more than a beast
And till today so I am
But being an ogre, misuderstood, and so was I
Many times before till today so I am
The kindest guestures being oh so rude
And the gentlest words being oh so crude
For being an ogre I knew no better, though I wish I was
I wish I was, I wish I was, Charming
What is deep in me will never go away
Nor do I want it to, I cherish It till today
I wish It wasnt guestures, neither word
Oh how I wish it was something else
But I am an ogre, wishes dont come true for me
Why dont they?
But still I wish I was Charming to ...


My sweetest Decembers

Standing where I am not knowing where I stand
I look on ahead, I do not know what I see
Illusions are they made of fond memory?
Walking because I have to walk but I dont know where I go
Looking back I see the the path I had been on
That is where I want to be back in my own history
I am very lost but I have to walk
Why must I walk I do not know
How many times has it been?
Oh so many, so many jumbled up pieces of red string
In autumn leaves, or sunflower bushes
In foggy windows, in dusty heat
But for me it was all just winter
So very very sweet december
So many pieces of jumbled red strings
I wish they would go away, for when they do its wonderful
Just me and ...