I go on staring
May be something will come
But I know it wont
Ever felt that there is this big hole?
And your heart pumps harder,
And as the blood rushes to your head
You realize, you're alone
Thats how you come into this world
And that how you will go
Though I so very wish it was not so

I go on staring
Maybe something now?
But you knew where you are going,
Why did you go?
Dont you want to go back?
Why dont you undo what you did?
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Stop asking me questions.
I dont because I cant.
Why dont you understand?
But why cant you?
That is a question; I told you to stop.
Why do you want me to stop?
Were It possible you would be dead,
but alas you be the second half of me in my head
If you are to die I do too, So you know I wont kill you.
Why do you trouble me so? With all your questions?
I do because I feel the same as you; You Fool!
You fool! I understand that is why I do!

I go on staring
Even though I know nothing will come.
For I have hope; However false it might be
This false hope shows me what I want to see,
There is no hole, I am anew;
It is filled because its me and ...



khub sundor .. i loved it !!

Deja Vu said...

why did u love it??? what did u understand of it??

Deja Vu said...

personally i think that one is shit. maybe you can show me what u see in it. that is why i ask.

Gautam Anand said...

yup.. it's not a poem.. its randomness of thought .. nd smtimes randomness evokes beauty..

anyways.. invitin u to read my new poem..

Christian said...

nothing special, my friends! but the picture is funny! lol!


really nice..cud relate 2 it in someways ;)