Tread Softly..

I spread my dreams underneath your feet,
Tread softly for you walk on my dreams.
Every step that you take is like a barb,
Sharply incinerating pieces of my happiness.
I sigh as your footsteps sound in my heart,
The cold cobbles are getting warmed at last.
Long lost and forlorn,your shadows leave a trail.
A dying breath rattles the glass windows.

This is the 100th post of this blog and a complete piece from me after six months of the silence that my mind imposed.


sawan said...

This is beautiful! a sad feel but a powerful projection. words which compliment the journey so far. congratz on ur 100th.

ive put a link to this blog on m nw post, not sure how much of help it wud be.

Parv Kaushik said...

congrats on ur 100th post!! welcome back after the really long hiatus! looking forward to more post from you!

lovely piece of poetry here... nice imagery... keep blogging!

u write nice keep it up!

A Poetess said...

Thanks Anil...
@Parv Kaushik: Thanks for your kind words and for following!n Looking forward to reading your stuff now

Indrajit said...

Hey! Congrats! Coincidentally i to am waiting for my 100th post, just din't know what to write. I have thought a general stuff that I write, never thought of any lavish updates to commemorate the 100th post.

For this poem, it's brilliance personified. Congrats again!

P.s - I wd have added your link to mine so that I could be a follower,but I always miss. :(

A Poetess said...

@Indrajit: Thanks. I didnt think of any brilliant post either, I wrote what i write usually and then added the last part mentioning it as the 100th post of this blog..It's been a journey of 4 years.
I think you are following my blog already!!

Indrajit said...

Hi, me too finished up my 100th post. Take a look when you have time.
Ya, i AM following, hwever, thought i might hve missed some of ypur writes since I wasn't online for sometime.

Gauri Mathur said...

Welcome back!!
It was a nice Read!!
Looking forward for more such creations :-)
take care


pleasure 2've got 2 read u'r 100th post!!..congrats 4 tat :)

coming 2d poem,very sweet n moving..