A thing without a wing.........

Have you ever seen a butterfly ,without a wing?
On a thin thread of hope,to life,trying to cling.
Shivering and fluttering,obviously in great pain.
It goes on with the slightest hope of flying again.
But this butterfly is wounded,it has no right to fly.
To fly you have to be perfect,that is until you die.
The butterfly's wings are broken,lying helplessly beside.
The butterfly flutters hoping to take it in its stride.
Butv the butterfly forgets that it is imperfect.
Mutilated and tainted, it is different from its sect.
A thing without a wing can never fly.
It is bound to this earth till it can die.
Imperfection is curse that binds noone else.
In anticipation of more blows,the butterfly is always tense.
The butterfly is convinced it'll fly one day.
It'll shout and scream,make the world hear its say.
But its dreams are unachievable,its dreams are high.
Without wings,oh you foolish one,how can you ever fly?
So give up the stupid hope,just stop believing.
You are just another broken insect whose body into dust they'll fling.
Do you really think the world has a care?
You're in it alone,fly if you dare.
Of course I'm mocking you,cant you see?
Without wings you'll fly?How can that ever be?
You lie there with your bloodless wound.
Writhing and fluttering in shame on the ground.
The other butterflies just come and flit away.
Some are there for a longer time but they never do stay.
The butterfly wants to fly,maybe a lift with wings?
But the others dont have the strenght to carry the shame it brings.
And the butterfly is proud,it'll never ask for help.
You can trample its multi-colored wings with your boots,but it'll never yelp.
The butterfly is silent,it has no voice.
And even if it did,it would be quiet out of its own choice.
The butterfly lies there writhing in agony and pain.
Trying to touch the skies,trying in vain.
And then the butterfly lies still,it flutters no more.
The broken wings are calm,it's time will come for sure.
When it'll fly,it'll fly with the high wind.
All ties to the earthly world it will rescind.
Till that time the butterfly awaits in inertia.
Waiting in knowledge,which for others is trivia.
The sands of time is running,the end will surely come.
The peaceful end which a new beginning may become.....

The citadel : And then a new city was built......

The citadel comes crashing down with a reverbrating sound,
At the heart of the city there is a wound.
The oncoming army marches on.
Shouting and trampling,till the beginning of dawn.
Night looms large,night looms dark.
There is no moon,the darkness absolutely stark.
Loot and plunder,death and murder.
With such heinous crimes the walls do shudder.
The strong fortress comes crashing down.
There is blood and destruction in place of the beautiful town.
Can you hear the shrieks,the blood-curdling war-cries?
They reach upto the heavens,reverbrate throught the skies.
But this is life you say, the way its meant to be.
You have to break and fall before life's meaning you can even begin to see.
The citadel is annihilated with all the people inside.
For another chance,just another shot,its people cried.
But the warring tribes came on coming,
With merciless vengeance they kept on attacking.
At long last peace prevailed.
The city was quiet, nobody wailed.
Soon there were fires burning all around.
Licking at the old walls, crackling with a loud sound.
ANd then there were none left but the wall.
It too was burnt and degraded signifying the great city's fall.
But life is in motion,it has to go on.
But to all dark nights,there isnt a dawn.
Where the citadel once was,a new city was built.
A new city was built,without the slightest guilt.
The citadel was forgotten,razed to the ground.
The spirits of the citadel never made any protesting sound.
The new city was much better than the old.
The poor old citadel left its misery forever untold.
The walls came up again,sturdy and strong.
The masons worked hard on it ,all night long.
New houses were built,new people came to live.
There was new hope,new reason to believe.
The grass grew green to cover the burned patches,
You could hear laughter,if only in snatches.
And then came the rain ,washed away the blood,
There was new reason to hope,flowers to bud.
The citadel was forgotten very soon enough.
But to kill its spirit would indeed be tough.
The citadel lives on in its single burned wall.
The now-broken pieces that once stood tall.
Spirits roam around but hey never cause harm.
There is nothing around them to cause the citizen's alarm.
The new city lived in peace,but oh so knave!
It never once came to know it was founded on the citadel's grave.


My eternal foolishness......

This is the way I am,always meant to be.
Didnt want to give explanations,thats me.
But the day you walked in and changed my life.
You showed me a new side,calmed my inner strife.
I felt the sunshine touch my heart once more.
I wouldnt be rejected again,this time I was sure.
But you didnt know that the waters ran deep.
You cant swim and the goings too steep.
If and when this comes to an end.
Dont blame yourself,remember all the love you send.
It was me who was incapable,unworthy.
It was I who stepped back on the path unsteady.
You were always there waiting by my side.
To catch my tears before they even began to slide.
But I was afraid,afraid of hurting you again.
Afraid of entering into something which would finish before it began.
I always do the wrong things,break the glass.
Over small things I'd create a fuss.
Stupid me,I hurt you in a million lil ways.
Night after night and days after days.
You never protested but your best you tried.
Im sorry I was stupid the times you cried.
I never ever realised evwn where I'd made a msitake.
But I promise, I'll try, just for your sake.
You've given me a new reason,a new reason to believe.
A strength to go on with life and achieve.
I'll always be grateful for all the things you did.
Gave me emotions before I even realised the need.
I know you'd never appreciate if I thank.
I would'nt like to show you your rank.
But I'm promising you I'm gonna hold on real tight.
And never let you go out of my eternal sight.

So you think you know me?

so you think you've finally figured me out
you know me through and through,without a doubt?
But how can you know me?
How can that ever be?
Coz I dont know myself
I said I dont know myself
So you've labelled me,ready to be put on a shelf.
But how can you know me when I dont know myself?
So you shiver when I pass by you.
But let me tell you something,its me who's afraid of you.
Or do you pity me,my life?

Don't pity me coz thats not what I want.
Actually I've forgotten even what I really want.
Or do you think of me as a liar,a cheat.
Telling lies without the skip of a beat.
Let me tell you,I did it to protect you.
From the demon that is me,Oh! its nothing new.
So you think you've figured me out.
Known me fully,completely, out and out.
Coz I dont know myself,thats why.
And let me tell you,this ones not a lie.
So you dont evn know my name.
Dont try and give me your excuses so lame.
Coz you know why?It dont matter anymore.
I dont care,ever,like never before.
So think you've figured me out.
Known me completely,inside out.
But how can that ever be?
Coz I'll never know myself in eternity?
When I look in the mirror,I dont know myself.
I said I really dont know myself.
The tell me why I never say goodbye?
Coz its hard to let go.
You didnt know that, did you?
So you've got me figured out?
But how can that ever be!
Coz Im still searching for myself.
When you see my eyes go blank,go lifeless.
You think Im lost in a darkness so endless.
Let me tell you,thats not true,
In fact it just means Im searching for something new.
So you think you've got me figured out and love me you do.
But how on earth ever in this life can you?
For you still dont know me,now,do you?
I will always be what you want me to be.
I'll show you the things that you wanna see.
But you'll never see the real me.
This butterfly has lost its wings for all eternity.