My eternal foolishness......

This is the way I am,always meant to be.
Didnt want to give explanations,thats me.
But the day you walked in and changed my life.
You showed me a new side,calmed my inner strife.
I felt the sunshine touch my heart once more.
I wouldnt be rejected again,this time I was sure.
But you didnt know that the waters ran deep.
You cant swim and the goings too steep.
If and when this comes to an end.
Dont blame yourself,remember all the love you send.
It was me who was incapable,unworthy.
It was I who stepped back on the path unsteady.
You were always there waiting by my side.
To catch my tears before they even began to slide.
But I was afraid,afraid of hurting you again.
Afraid of entering into something which would finish before it began.
I always do the wrong things,break the glass.
Over small things I'd create a fuss.
Stupid me,I hurt you in a million lil ways.
Night after night and days after days.
You never protested but your best you tried.
Im sorry I was stupid the times you cried.
I never ever realised evwn where I'd made a msitake.
But I promise, I'll try, just for your sake.
You've given me a new reason,a new reason to believe.
A strength to go on with life and achieve.
I'll always be grateful for all the things you did.
Gave me emotions before I even realised the need.
I know you'd never appreciate if I thank.
I would'nt like to show you your rank.
But I'm promising you I'm gonna hold on real tight.
And never let you go out of my eternal sight.


Anshuman said...

its not as much as foolishness as it is self-realization.neways bravo...u surprise me with the frequency with which u produce these gems.u better b gud da next time.

Deja said...

"It was me who was incapable,unworthy."

these r the lines tht prove ur eternal foolishness. u really r a big fool.