So you think you know me?

so you think you've finally figured me out
you know me through and through,without a doubt?
But how can you know me?
How can that ever be?
Coz I dont know myself
I said I dont know myself
So you've labelled me,ready to be put on a shelf.
But how can you know me when I dont know myself?
So you shiver when I pass by you.
But let me tell you something,its me who's afraid of you.
Or do you pity me,my life?

Don't pity me coz thats not what I want.
Actually I've forgotten even what I really want.
Or do you think of me as a liar,a cheat.
Telling lies without the skip of a beat.
Let me tell you,I did it to protect you.
From the demon that is me,Oh! its nothing new.
So you think you've figured me out.
Known me fully,completely, out and out.
Coz I dont know myself,thats why.
And let me tell you,this ones not a lie.
So you dont evn know my name.
Dont try and give me your excuses so lame.
Coz you know why?It dont matter anymore.
I dont care,ever,like never before.
So think you've figured me out.
Known me completely,inside out.
But how can that ever be?
Coz I'll never know myself in eternity?
When I look in the mirror,I dont know myself.
I said I really dont know myself.
The tell me why I never say goodbye?
Coz its hard to let go.
You didnt know that, did you?
So you've got me figured out?
But how can that ever be!
Coz Im still searching for myself.
When you see my eyes go blank,go lifeless.
You think Im lost in a darkness so endless.
Let me tell you,thats not true,
In fact it just means Im searching for something new.
So you think you've got me figured out and love me you do.
But how on earth ever in this life can you?
For you still dont know me,now,do you?
I will always be what you want me to be.
I'll show you the things that you wanna see.
But you'll never see the real me.
This butterfly has lost its wings for all eternity.


swaps said...

I really liked this composition of yours --- what was ur inspiration

debadyuti said...

hey nutin in particular
its juz i wanted 2 write sumtin abt me,my life,my ideology,my pride,n tths wot came out!!

Anshuman said...

i can relate 2 dis one pretty much...but i can say one thin for sure-this aint the last poem im readin with a 'wingless butterfly' in it.