a lovely star

u r da only lovely star in the ugly sky,
may be u r twinkling or may be u r just shy,
i swear u r da most beautiful in the entire space,
nothing is prettier than ur smiling face,
u r much more beautiful than even a flower,
more colorful than a rainbow after a shower,
everyone is praising u including the mountains,
and the sky itself and all the sparkling fountains,
all da planets r jealous of u,even the earth,
because u have got something that cant be measured worth,
the truth is u,that all da universe will know,
the sun too seems to fade when u glow,
now, u r away ,like ,a several thousands miles,
but u r always there whenever i need smiles,
yeah,i'm writing for you my this rhyme,
in my heart i used to think of u all the time,
u r a hope for all always there 2 shine,
wish something like u would be mine,
i know u r a gorgeous and a lovely star,
yeah.i'm seeing u but u r just too far,
but still someday i will fly over the moon,
because my heart knows i'm gonna meet u soon.

1 comment:

Anshuman said...

nice 1 there...but sumhow i m dissapointed with the close...not dat its bad but cud hav been a bit better...i dunno...just an opinion.peace