Song Of A Night Bird

The night bird goes on and on with its song.
Through the day,and all night long.
Its a black bird they say.
But they can't be sure,there is no way.
For the night bird is elusive of its own choice.
Very few people really get to hear its voice.
It sings of its pleasure to the full white moon.
Hoping to meet one of its own very soon.
For you see,the moon is its dear friend.
The moon knows its story till the very end.
The night bird told its story in a song.
Singing through the night and all day long.
Hopping from tree to tree,twig to twig.
The darkness surrounding it is so so big.
But the moon is white,an ethereal glow.
In its light,the bird's true colors show.
And lo behold, it is midnight black no more!
Its like the lustrous pearl picked from the sandy shore.
They had never seen it in its own true form.
And that's cause superficiality was the accepted norm.
But they could have seen it in its white-speckled eyes.
Eyes are the true mirror of the soul;it tells no lies.
But its song talked of pure beauty like no other,
Then why 'o why didnt the others bother?
But of course it sang its song to the moon and noone else.
Who had the power to penetrate a darkness so dense?
It is waiting for the moon to pass a message.
One that will give it immortal passage.
One that says its time to carry on.
When phoenix colors it will surely don.
But till then you can surely try,
To catch a fleeting glimpse as it flies bye.
You can still hear the night bird's sighs.
You can even hear the flap of wings as it flies.
But it's song it sings to none but the moon.
And you aint gonna hear the song anytime soon ! !


Anshuman said...

i dunno abt the night bird....cudnt really make out many things...reminded me of the darkness and silence of late nights-the most peaceful time of a day,when the world sleeps.

debadyuti said...

da bight bird is a metaphor 4 a lot of things vry close 2 my hart....n yes,da peom is ment 2 reflect those feelings of darkness n silent nights,they r the vry essence of the poem

trion ninja said...

This one is nice indeed. Would be good if one reads with Moonlight sonata at the background and at midnight when actually things are silent like tonight.