Thinking Of You

I am thinking of you in my wakeful lonesomeness tonight.
If it is wrong to love, then my heart just wont let me be right.
Cause I’m so lost in you that I cant live without you holding me tight.
I'd give everything, anything to have just one more night with you, tonight.
I'd sell my soul just to feel your warm body next to mine,
Cause I can’t go on existing in the remembrance of our soulful tune.
I'd give myself, my everything for your love, just for a night.

Come to me when I am alone at the stroke of midnight

And let us escape, tugging at our heart-strings, like two besotted kites.


Hiding Place

The night burns on and I find no sleep
I turn into the night beginning within myself deep
The burning light within me refuses to ebb
As memories and dreams start to build a web
There is a burning desire within me
To possess, to protect and to guide
But within miserable seconds I begin to slide
Into nightmares begun with screams
With devilish fires burning up my dreams
I need a hiding place from the cruel night
A place which can shelter fantastical flights
The night needs light,bright and scorching
Which will purify the night of its debauchery
A little hiding place where to rest for a while
A place which is free from evilness and guile
I know the night needs the light and it is you
Shelter me in your arms,I will never let it find you.

PS: Been relaxing of late at home while I can before I rush off to a another internship stint in Delhi. Been to Hyderabad recently, didn't quite understand what is their Hyd Biryani all hyped for??It was too spicy for my taste buds, any of you like it? Lemme know why.