Hiding Place

The night burns on and I find no sleep
I turn into the night beginning within myself deep
The burning light within me refuses to ebb
As memories and dreams start to build a web
There is a burning desire within me
To possess, to protect and to guide
But within miserable seconds I begin to slide
Into nightmares begun with screams
With devilish fires burning up my dreams
I need a hiding place from the cruel night
A place which can shelter fantastical flights
The night needs light,bright and scorching
Which will purify the night of its debauchery
A little hiding place where to rest for a while
A place which is free from evilness and guile
I know the night needs the light and it is you
Shelter me in your arms,I will never let it find you.

PS: Been relaxing of late at home while I can before I rush off to a another internship stint in Delhi. Been to Hyderabad recently, didn't quite understand what is their Hyd Biryani all hyped for??It was too spicy for my taste buds, any of you like it? Lemme know why.


Gautam Anand said...

Foremost.. thx for visiting my blog..
Loved ur poems.. messages/thoughts conveyed are very pure ..
but I have this complaint with most of the poets on blog.. they lak structuring.. same goes with u.. I guess ppl .. only focus on the soul of the poem and not its body..

Chanchal said...

Your dreams are much more than scary.
I found the rhyme a little odd but the content was good. Somehow they give me the impression that of late, you have are keeping tense with something, a little frustrated over your life..if I may help, please let me know.
The last line has become a favorite...

That Hyderabadi cuisine, I have heard of it, but never tasted. On that thing, you see there are things which run simply on name, look around, you 'll find many which belong to that lot!

Take more care,


Indrajit said...

Hmm Hyderabadi Biryani,.... Not ebrywhee in Hyderabad , you wd get to eat the Authetic Biryani...
you mght get 'Biryani' signboards all over becos it sells, and it can stand up on it's own... If u realy want tio taste Hyderabadi biryani, go to 'Karim's ' or 'Moti Mahal' in N Delhi....

In hyderabad, you can only get the elaborately prepared Biryani in the houses of the erstwhile Nawabs and people belogning of such Royal lineage... :)

N the poem is good, better best... all put togethr in a heady cocktailll..


A Poetess said...

gautam, please leme know what exactly do u mean by structuring of the body?

BAN, thanks man for ur wishes, im going through a bad phase of clinical depression, but i think i'll manage .

Indra, Nice to see your comments on my blog. We went to this famous PARADISE restro in Hyd,Its supposed to have the best HYD Biryani in Hyd. Am off to Delhi now so i suppose i will go to the places u mentioned, thanks for the handy tip ;)

Cheers to all of you for coming down here and commenting :)