Stepping into the Silver...

I sit before the mirror wondering about life.
And wondering about how many people did so before.
If only things could speak and my mirror could talk to me.
For before being mine,it sure belonged to someone else.
I wish I could merge with the silver of the surface.
And see what went went on before.
Now I try to see in my mind's eye what I want to see.
I see a beautiful lady combing out her hair.
Black silky hair hair flows as she sits on her chair.
And who's that behind her lovingly caressing her tresses.
A stolen kiss and a lovely smile are remnants of that moment.
Some other times I see a little child crying out her eyes.
Talking to herself and trying to console all her fears.
And then I realize I'm not wanted here.
I'm encroaching into someone's life,
An uninvited guest peeping into restricted territory!
I wouldn't appreciate if some else did the same.
So I bid my adieu and tell them to forget my name.

Here's another one based on the mirror theme..I hope I get over it soon..or else my blogs going to be under a "silvery deluge"..lols



Moonshine Moonshine wont u come and play with me?
Let me hold your silvery hands and i'll play with thee.
Silver strands of moonshine cutting clear across the sky.
Shining upon me and you without a care for any country.
Making silver ripples on the surface of the sea saltish.
As if thousands of silver ghostly mermaids play mock fish.
Mythical creatures for whom we've searched for eternity.
In this moonlit night they come up to play with me.
Close your eyes and escape into a world different.
Dream of what you want,those wishes will be lent.
You escape into this beautiful world as cinderalla's clock strikes.
But remember this real illusion will end as the east dawn fires.
Ah blessed moonshine,let me more play with thee,
As the horrid sun tries to sneak into my reality.
But alas the golden fire rises higher up in the morning sky.
With each cruel ray killing my beloved moonshine and the time where I'd fly.

I thought about putting in a tagline for this one,its one of my most vivid runs of fantasy and basically speaks about the silver night's dreamland,for those of you who might think this is utter nonsense!![:P]



We are just dreamers playing with the sands of time.
Dont know what the future holds,its just love on our hands.
Freedom is illusory,we havent got that much time either.
I'm a dreamer,its my dream you take.
But my wandering soul,it's spirit you can't break.
Wanderlust has ceased,
Love has seized.
We are just dreamers running towards tomorrow.
Holding the soul of love in our hands.
Wanderlust has ceased,we run towards the rainbow.
Lying back,seen a million dreams in our minds' eye.
My arms will keep you safe and warm.
You were always in my dreams.
A child of this little heart's creation.
Wandered here and there,nothing seemed to satisfy.
A little bit always seeming to miss.
Not sure what it was,know now.
Wanderlust has ceased,playing with sands of time.
Leave everthing behind,leave the chains behind.
Kiss everybody goodbye,whats worth is love.
Home is where heart is,and my heart has flown away.
Wanderlust has ceased,rest your head where it belongs.
Going home,where we belong to each other.
On this side of the rainbow and the other too.
Home is with you,wanderlust has ceased at last.


Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall,

Come and talk to me today.

Can you show me what I want to see?

I can help you see, but don’t you think

That this is a job you’d rather do,

Coz it’s not about me, it’s about you!

I know I know but I’m too tired asking that question.

Searching your soul till it lies naked in your eyes.

Life just seems like a mirage

You are lying rested in its cozy arms

And then you see it’s so hollow

You are all so ready to embrace it with open arms.

I see a shadow, a thin sliver slithering across the silver.

Then someone sneaks behind your back.

A voice whispers in your ear.

Look! Behold, before you leap in a free fall.

See where you went..

Which path you took.

Leaving you all confused, lost and wanting to let it out.

I had nothing to say, everything to lose.

But the fault is my own.

Who to blame? It’s me.

I have nothing to say, am trying so hard.

I want to break away, lose myself.

Don’t want to find myself ever again.

But don’t know where to turn to.

Reaching out my hand to touch the glass.

I see that the hand I try to touch is but my own.


I am light, the bringer of joys.
I bring love and happiness into your home.
Welcome me into your heart and I’ll brighten your life.
Don’t come too close, remember I can blind you too.
I give knowledge springing from a different source.
I gather your light into mine,
Mine shines brighter so that it can light up your way.
I’m the only one, the chosen one.
I gather my power from:
The stars, the moon and the sun too.
I am the light of the glowing fire-flies.
Try to catch me and I’m gone.
I’ll burn through the day.
I’ll burn through the night.
I’ll make your lives bright.
Like a candle, I’ll burn myself.
To give my light to you.
Blink your eyes twice, open your eyes wide.
Then maybe you’ll see my light.
I’ve always been there in your path.
Only you turn your face the other way.
Choose to see the shadows, forget me.
Turn your face into my light.
You’ll forget the shadows.
I create them too; power is held within me.
I’ll fill your lives with the aura of my love.
But that is my nature, don’t expect anything.
I’m here today, gone tomorrow.
Spreading my light for someone else to see.
That’s what I’m destined to do.
Wandering the world; creating miracles within hearts.
And when I’m gone,
Kiss the shadows and know I exist.
I’m a dreamer; I’ll take your soul out into the night.
Touch your life, change your goals.
I’m a dreamer, and when I wake
Can’t break my spirit, it’s my dreams you take.
I am light, of aura divine.
I’ll light up your path with the light of roses.


this poem has no name

I spent so many days with you
By my side when we were just kids you know.
I would write your name on the board.
You'd smile,say this is the last time,please.
Floored by your smile I'd rub off the chalk.
But on my heart your smiled etched an indelible mark.
Getting into trouble on purpose so that you'd come to me.
From all your friends I'd like to snatch you away.
You meant much more to me than I meant to you.
I knew that,yet I didnt care.
Want to do the same even today.
But where are you?Have no trace.
And then I think whats the use of it all?
You'd never recognise me even if I do.
But I think I'll have a sense of deja vu.
Memories have to be sheltered now.
Life's nothing but a collection of stories.

This is dedicated to one of my childhood friends.
To you my "Gundader shordar"...from your "Ragu-buri"...love you lots and missing you too...would love to see you once again in my life.
Wait for me on the other side of the rainbow(n I'll be doing the same),have lots of stories to share.

Searching for a face........

Am waiting for you.
Where are you?
cant hear your voice.
cant feel your touch.
going insane.
i saw you in someone else today;
know where you are,
yet on the lookout.
know your face,know your address.
and yet like a fool i search for your face in the crowd.
i know you are gone but my heart doesnt listen,
your name's just been added to a list.
searching for so many faces.
hoping one day i'll get to meet them again
maybe at the bustop,maybe on the auto
maybe while walking down a busy road i'll bump into them again
say "hi",say "hello",and then move on like before
formalities done,we walk away
we dont have any more reason to stay
and yet my heart will be searching again
for the same face to suddenly re-appear
so that i can say hi,hello,bye once again
it doesnt matter they didnt think of me like i did of them
a mere glance will suffice,a mere touch of the hand
just want to see their faces again
just want one of them to re-appear again.
smiling he would say,"where you looking for me?"
my lips will not part as they never have
but he'll hold my hand and lead me away
am not still sure whether that hand is divine or not.