Moonshine Moonshine wont u come and play with me?
Let me hold your silvery hands and i'll play with thee.
Silver strands of moonshine cutting clear across the sky.
Shining upon me and you without a care for any country.
Making silver ripples on the surface of the sea saltish.
As if thousands of silver ghostly mermaids play mock fish.
Mythical creatures for whom we've searched for eternity.
In this moonlit night they come up to play with me.
Close your eyes and escape into a world different.
Dream of what you want,those wishes will be lent.
You escape into this beautiful world as cinderalla's clock strikes.
But remember this real illusion will end as the east dawn fires.
Ah blessed moonshine,let me more play with thee,
As the horrid sun tries to sneak into my reality.
But alas the golden fire rises higher up in the morning sky.
With each cruel ray killing my beloved moonshine and the time where I'd fly.

I thought about putting in a tagline for this one,its one of my most vivid runs of fantasy and basically speaks about the silver night's dreamland,for those of you who might think this is utter nonsense!![:P]


INDR's Angels said...

wow ! romanticism personified..
i really admire ur work. keep it up

INDR's Angels said...

hi, i did not understand by th term
"typos"? lemme know pls.
and then delete this one.

Chinmaya said...

really sweet :)..something really unusual,but put in a nice way...