We are just dreamers playing with the sands of time.
Dont know what the future holds,its just love on our hands.
Freedom is illusory,we havent got that much time either.
I'm a dreamer,its my dream you take.
But my wandering soul,it's spirit you can't break.
Wanderlust has ceased,
Love has seized.
We are just dreamers running towards tomorrow.
Holding the soul of love in our hands.
Wanderlust has ceased,we run towards the rainbow.
Lying back,seen a million dreams in our minds' eye.
My arms will keep you safe and warm.
You were always in my dreams.
A child of this little heart's creation.
Wandered here and there,nothing seemed to satisfy.
A little bit always seeming to miss.
Not sure what it was,know now.
Wanderlust has ceased,playing with sands of time.
Leave everthing behind,leave the chains behind.
Kiss everybody goodbye,whats worth is love.
Home is where heart is,and my heart has flown away.
Wanderlust has ceased,rest your head where it belongs.
Going home,where we belong to each other.
On this side of the rainbow and the other too.
Home is with you,wanderlust has ceased at last.

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Anonymous said...


I have never doubted your creativity or your uniqueness,but this......this is exceptional. It once again affirms my first thoughts about you. Still I am pretty sure that the best is still to come. Thanks, now that your poems are my emotional tonic.

Your latest fan,