I am light, the bringer of joys.
I bring love and happiness into your home.
Welcome me into your heart and I’ll brighten your life.
Don’t come too close, remember I can blind you too.
I give knowledge springing from a different source.
I gather your light into mine,
Mine shines brighter so that it can light up your way.
I’m the only one, the chosen one.
I gather my power from:
The stars, the moon and the sun too.
I am the light of the glowing fire-flies.
Try to catch me and I’m gone.
I’ll burn through the day.
I’ll burn through the night.
I’ll make your lives bright.
Like a candle, I’ll burn myself.
To give my light to you.
Blink your eyes twice, open your eyes wide.
Then maybe you’ll see my light.
I’ve always been there in your path.
Only you turn your face the other way.
Choose to see the shadows, forget me.
Turn your face into my light.
You’ll forget the shadows.
I create them too; power is held within me.
I’ll fill your lives with the aura of my love.
But that is my nature, don’t expect anything.
I’m here today, gone tomorrow.
Spreading my light for someone else to see.
That’s what I’m destined to do.
Wandering the world; creating miracles within hearts.
And when I’m gone,
Kiss the shadows and know I exist.
I’m a dreamer; I’ll take your soul out into the night.
Touch your life, change your goals.
I’m a dreamer, and when I wake
Can’t break my spirit, it’s my dreams you take.
I am light, of aura divine.
I’ll light up your path with the light of roses.

1 comment:

lone said...

light of devine...only if one see's it..
it always there..
well expressed