this poem has no name

I spent so many days with you
By my side when we were just kids you know.
I would write your name on the board.
You'd smile,say this is the last time,please.
Floored by your smile I'd rub off the chalk.
But on my heart your smiled etched an indelible mark.
Getting into trouble on purpose so that you'd come to me.
From all your friends I'd like to snatch you away.
You meant much more to me than I meant to you.
I knew that,yet I didnt care.
Want to do the same even today.
But where are you?Have no trace.
And then I think whats the use of it all?
You'd never recognise me even if I do.
But I think I'll have a sense of deja vu.
Memories have to be sheltered now.
Life's nothing but a collection of stories.

This is dedicated to one of my childhood friends.
To you my "Gundader shordar"...from your "Ragu-buri"...love you lots and missing you too...would love to see you once again in my life.
Wait for me on the other side of the rainbow(n I'll be doing the same),have lots of stories to share.

1 comment:

mihir said...

childhood is a gift which is not transferrrable or encashable.... its like a mirage as u say..
mere bachpan ke din yaad aa gaye tumhaare poem padhke..
thanks yaar for giving a look back into life..