Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall,

Come and talk to me today.

Can you show me what I want to see?

I can help you see, but don’t you think

That this is a job you’d rather do,

Coz it’s not about me, it’s about you!

I know I know but I’m too tired asking that question.

Searching your soul till it lies naked in your eyes.

Life just seems like a mirage

You are lying rested in its cozy arms

And then you see it’s so hollow

You are all so ready to embrace it with open arms.

I see a shadow, a thin sliver slithering across the silver.

Then someone sneaks behind your back.

A voice whispers in your ear.

Look! Behold, before you leap in a free fall.

See where you went..

Which path you took.

Leaving you all confused, lost and wanting to let it out.

I had nothing to say, everything to lose.

But the fault is my own.

Who to blame? It’s me.

I have nothing to say, am trying so hard.

I want to break away, lose myself.

Don’t want to find myself ever again.

But don’t know where to turn to.

Reaching out my hand to touch the glass.

I see that the hand I try to touch is but my own.


lone said...

mirror is the reflextion of ones own image,,,it never lies...
nice write...

mihir said...

mirrors are soo cunnning and truthful.. they speak truth and only that... they are no nonsense identities..
theorems to bind its nature are in vain.. coz its soo universal...
very well composed poem.. i liked it.. u have mirrorrred the confusions and clear views in a mirrored way

INDR's Angels said...

wonderfully written..
incredible !

Apeksha said...

hey..lovely poem u hav out thr...mirrors do speak a lot n uve penned thr words well..keep writing

Sudipto pondering said...

@ A Poetess

A really good poem. The conscience is the ultimate 'mirror'. It's a reflection of the soul; the answer to all our questions and dilemmas. The mirror in our mind is where all paths finally lead to. And in a sense, it's the only guide in times of trouble: people may desert you, your mind won't.

I remember Tagore's immortal words here:
'Jodi tor daak shune keu naa aashe,
Tobey ekla chalo re....'

Gandhi had to go alone, and so was the case with Steve Jobs. They took the mirror with them all along!

sriranjani, in search of a true meaning said...

You are a real poetess....
miror is our best friend through good and bad times. it is your ultimate friend when you are lonely. thank you for this wonderfull poem it realy helps when you are deressed.