Girl meets world..

Girl meets world
Or the other way round!
I'm scared,scared a lot.
Funny thing is,I dont know of what.
Chasing dreams against the sun.
Like chasing butterflies on the run....
The light blinds me,yet I move on.
I dont know it is that helps me carry on.
I see life shrouded in mystery.
Past,present,future;its all about history.
Once in Tagore's blue star-studded night.
Once in Maugham's "Neil McAdam";out of sight.
I see life peeking out of it's disguise!
But I dont know whether I can trust my eyes.
Chasing the ideals ever elusive.
Changing and twisting,ever so furtive.
My life is a book waiting to be read.
But if some parts are read,Im ever so afraid.
In the madness of crowd,I seek solitude.
Running away,when i know its not what I should.
Feeling it so right,knowing its so wrong!
This confusion has been going on for too long.
Girl meets world or the other way round.
I dont think a solution can ever be found.


Promises of a best friend.....

I promise to catch you when you begin to fall;
Like when we played 'catch' when we were small.
I promise to give you another chance when you make a mistake.
Friendship is an emotion which I can never fake!
I promise I'll always be there for you.

I'll stand by you whether you fail or not.
Let's face it together,what fate has brought.
All the silly jokes and laughs we shared.
All the dreadful secrets and heart-breaks too.
I'll always be standing by you.
And thats a promise of a best friend to you.


a journal

Of every word that you wrote.

I spent my life dwelling on what they meant.

And when i came to the last page.

I was already in my death-bed.

You had meant so much to me.

The pages were yellow and withered.

Your writing was faint and grey.

I will join you very soon my darling,

Soon we'll fly in heaven together.

With a simple tear, I left this world.

And on the journal, On every single page.

There was only one poem.

"Time will fly fast, But our love would last forever"

I'm sure with every passing day, we will grow closer

And I will never miss my chance to tell you all that I want to.

Whether in heaven or hell.

We would be binded together forever.

Just like this journal.


a must read 4 ne1 coming 2 this blog!!

It seems some people have not got the essence of my blog.
It is NOT about my poems,certainly not.
It is about poems,tht maybe poems Ive read sumwhr,sent 2 me or evn written by me!!
so u'll find as many original works as there are poems read elsewhr!!

btw senseless,eternal optimist n holidays are here are sum of "my" poems on this page and there are sum more in the archives!

just thought i would ask you

if i stop talking to you
what do you think you would do?

if i suddenly went away
about me what would you say?

if i suddenly dissapear
what would you feel joy or fear?

i wonder what you would think
if i were to dissapear in a blink.

what if this was our last meeting.
what in your heart would you be feeling?

if someone asked you "who is he?"
to them how would you define me?

what if suddenly
you knew, you would never again see me.

life goes on with joy and sorrow.
i am here today might not be tomorrow.

if you knew this was my last day
to me then what would you say
just thought i would ask you anyway!

so if i ended up dying today
you wouldnt be able to find out about it eh?

Here is another one written by Mr.Deja Vu..he wud hav become a team member on my blog,only tht im in blogger beta now and its giving me a host of problems including disabling the multiple authors function so waiting for the google ppl 2 fix this thing!!


Unreal Reality---Freedom,tht is!!

i wish i cud be in unreal reality
where u n me would be free to make our own history

free from lonely society
free from sinful piety

free to speak our mind
free from being outcasts of any kind

where true happiness lives
where differing people co-exist

where i could be for u and you could be for me

where people say we instead of me

where they stand tall in the hour of need
and face head on evil corruption and greed

i know it is only u who could make this reality true there

Written By Mr.Deja Vu(lol)


I am not perfect ,never wanted to be.
Never wanted anyone to idolize me.
How could I be so stupid and not see.
But thats the whole point I didnt see.
Messed up my life,messed up your life.
Cutting through the emotions like knife.
You were at a low phase, you wanted a guide.
I stepped into that role,always by your side.
But I was an introvert,still am.
Didnt let you know that I wasnt in control.
I was psychotic,I was a fool.
And when the relevation came around.
Your world came crashing down.
I dont whose fault it was,yours or mine.
For failing to see through each other all the time.
Then we moved on but still remained friends.
I could see you were walking down the wrong lane,to wrong ends.
And then I made another mistake.
I didnt stop you coz I thought you thought I was fake.
And then you saw what I really thought.
Mirroring each other,alike a lot.
And then we parted friendly strangers once more,
You walk on your share of clouds once more.

This poem is dedicated to someone.
If you are reading this I just wanna say Im sorry,not for my mistakes,not for yours,but for the time we could n should have spent together but we didnt.

Holidays are here

My heads new abuzz.
This pounding ache makes life a fuzz.
I'm trying to be cynical.
Life is mythical.
I'm waiting for a new phase to start.

Till then I'll think about the days gone by.
The sunlight peeps in through the shutters,a little shy.
Darkened rooms,peaceful in the heat.
And there I am on the window seat.
Playing with the rays as they kiss my hand.
The sound of naked feet hitting the ground.

Switch to a different place, a different setting.
The river flowing,the sun setting.
Blue skies kissed by the golden rays.
Remiminding me of the past,by-gone days.
Red and white bicycles,heads tousled .
ANd then they went off to a far-oof land,flying in the air.
Leaving the sun's rays to kiss my lonely brown hair.

I dream if the future,of the days to come.
I want to be like the spirit of cimmarron.
Green pastures,blue sky.
The wind would be blowing high.
I speed along at the speed of sound.
Soaking up the feeling of a freedom new-found.

Or a small little villa at the top of a peak.
Where tranquility and peace I can seek.
Winding roads filled with twists and turns.
Flowers pink and white,but the yellow one burns.
Greenery all around,a chill in the air.
The sun's rays kiss my lonely brown hair.

Musings of a stupid fool.
Who knows,who cares?
I'm just so tired of being a tool.
So here I am with secrets to share.
I am no sphinx,I have no mystery.
It's all about the days gone by,it's all about history.
I wait in anticipation for the holidays.
Coz I know death is the most long and vivid of all holidays.


The Eternal Optimist

My life has changed since the last time I wrote.
Yes,change it has,a lot of changes have been wrought.
But its time to change again.Just take a note:
Change is the constant,changes have to be brought.

Along the way I met a friend,he gave me hope.
O yes hope,what I was looking for,hope!!
Hope that I could be myself once more,to be the real person.
But had I forgotten my complicated self,the primary reason.

I am my fire,I am my enemy.
I cause destruction wherever I go.

No Don't touch me.You'll burn your hands.

But change I must and change I will.
Dejected soul,helpless pose.
It's gone,all gone,to where you ask?
To the darkened room,not out of my life.
'O I want colors of the rainbow in my life.

This loneliness is killing me.
But what use is pain to a dead man?
But it's time to change and change I must.
This time for the better,as it was for the first.
People come and people go,into my life and out of it.
It pretend it never hurts,my face all alit.
But this times its different,time for a change!

I'll walk down the sunny paths of life, once more.
For a short while,I promise myself,once more.
My head will be held high,as it always is.
But this time I'll try to feel it inside.
I'm a complicated person,a bundle of contradictions.
I'm looking for stablility, a real person.
I'm not perfect,nobody is.
But cant someone accept me as it is.
Someone who'll bring some tranquility into my life and way.
But when the time comes,I'll push him away.
Do you know why,of course you do....

I am my fire,I am my enemy.
I cause destruction wherever I go.

I dont write for no one,I write for myself.
So don't peep into my diary,it's meant for myself.
My fantasy,my imagination.
They are where I find my salvation.
My life is a story,it is fake.
I question myself at every step I take.
Every step I've taken has been for my dream's sake.
It's difficult to see your dreams turn into a nightmare.
Mocking you 'coz they'll never come true,o yeah!!

In the end I wish I could write about the others around.
War and peace,men and destruction in this world abound.
But in this web I'm always caught.
In it's threads Imm always fraught.
It's not that I dont try,try to come out.
But the moment I do,the screams shout.

It's killing me.
My loneliness is killing me....
But somewhere deep down I still believe....