a journal

Of every word that you wrote.

I spent my life dwelling on what they meant.

And when i came to the last page.

I was already in my death-bed.

You had meant so much to me.

The pages were yellow and withered.

Your writing was faint and grey.

I will join you very soon my darling,

Soon we'll fly in heaven together.

With a simple tear, I left this world.

And on the journal, On every single page.

There was only one poem.

"Time will fly fast, But our love would last forever"

I'm sure with every passing day, we will grow closer

And I will never miss my chance to tell you all that I want to.

Whether in heaven or hell.

We would be binded together forever.

Just like this journal.


Anshuman said...

i got weird idea after readin this poem...nd i wont tel u wat..coz they r really stupid.newayz this cals for a 7 nd a party.

debadyuti said...

no ideas r stupid n after having read my stupid poems u might as wel hav realised atlist THT much eh???

nt 2 worry im gonna weasel it outta u