I am not perfect ,never wanted to be.
Never wanted anyone to idolize me.
How could I be so stupid and not see.
But thats the whole point I didnt see.
Messed up my life,messed up your life.
Cutting through the emotions like knife.
You were at a low phase, you wanted a guide.
I stepped into that role,always by your side.
But I was an introvert,still am.
Didnt let you know that I wasnt in control.
I was psychotic,I was a fool.
And when the relevation came around.
Your world came crashing down.
I dont whose fault it was,yours or mine.
For failing to see through each other all the time.
Then we moved on but still remained friends.
I could see you were walking down the wrong lane,to wrong ends.
And then I made another mistake.
I didnt stop you coz I thought you thought I was fake.
And then you saw what I really thought.
Mirroring each other,alike a lot.
And then we parted friendly strangers once more,
You walk on your share of clouds once more.

This poem is dedicated to someone.
If you are reading this I just wanna say Im sorry,not for my mistakes,not for yours,but for the time we could n should have spent together but we didnt.