Girl meets world..

Girl meets world
Or the other way round!
I'm scared,scared a lot.
Funny thing is,I dont know of what.
Chasing dreams against the sun.
Like chasing butterflies on the run....
The light blinds me,yet I move on.
I dont know it is that helps me carry on.
I see life shrouded in mystery.
Past,present,future;its all about history.
Once in Tagore's blue star-studded night.
Once in Maugham's "Neil McAdam";out of sight.
I see life peeking out of it's disguise!
But I dont know whether I can trust my eyes.
Chasing the ideals ever elusive.
Changing and twisting,ever so furtive.
My life is a book waiting to be read.
But if some parts are read,Im ever so afraid.
In the madness of crowd,I seek solitude.
Running away,when i know its not what I should.
Feeling it so right,knowing its so wrong!
This confusion has been going on for too long.
Girl meets world or the other way round.
I dont think a solution can ever be found.

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Anshuman said...

i m sure i wont get 2 the soul of this poem(for obvious reasons) but this is a short n sweet poem nd very well written.