Holidays are here

My heads new abuzz.
This pounding ache makes life a fuzz.
I'm trying to be cynical.
Life is mythical.
I'm waiting for a new phase to start.

Till then I'll think about the days gone by.
The sunlight peeps in through the shutters,a little shy.
Darkened rooms,peaceful in the heat.
And there I am on the window seat.
Playing with the rays as they kiss my hand.
The sound of naked feet hitting the ground.

Switch to a different place, a different setting.
The river flowing,the sun setting.
Blue skies kissed by the golden rays.
Remiminding me of the past,by-gone days.
Red and white bicycles,heads tousled .
ANd then they went off to a far-oof land,flying in the air.
Leaving the sun's rays to kiss my lonely brown hair.

I dream if the future,of the days to come.
I want to be like the spirit of cimmarron.
Green pastures,blue sky.
The wind would be blowing high.
I speed along at the speed of sound.
Soaking up the feeling of a freedom new-found.

Or a small little villa at the top of a peak.
Where tranquility and peace I can seek.
Winding roads filled with twists and turns.
Flowers pink and white,but the yellow one burns.
Greenery all around,a chill in the air.
The sun's rays kiss my lonely brown hair.

Musings of a stupid fool.
Who knows,who cares?
I'm just so tired of being a tool.
So here I am with secrets to share.
I am no sphinx,I have no mystery.
It's all about the days gone by,it's all about history.
I wait in anticipation for the holidays.
Coz I know death is the most long and vivid of all holidays.

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