just thought i would ask you

if i stop talking to you
what do you think you would do?

if i suddenly went away
about me what would you say?

if i suddenly dissapear
what would you feel joy or fear?

i wonder what you would think
if i were to dissapear in a blink.

what if this was our last meeting.
what in your heart would you be feeling?

if someone asked you "who is he?"
to them how would you define me?

what if suddenly
you knew, you would never again see me.

life goes on with joy and sorrow.
i am here today might not be tomorrow.

if you knew this was my last day
to me then what would you say
just thought i would ask you anyway!

so if i ended up dying today
you wouldnt be able to find out about it eh?

Here is another one written by Mr.Deja Vu..he wud hav become a team member on my blog,only tht im in blogger beta now and its giving me a host of problems including disabling the multiple authors function so waiting for the google ppl 2 fix this thing!!

1 comment:

Anshuman said...

i kne the moment i began readin it dat u werent the one who wrote it.newayz this is indeed one of the eternal questions of life..i always wonder wat it wud b wen m not ther...wonderin how much worth am i 2 da ppl ive been around.