Unreal Reality---Freedom,tht is!!

i wish i cud be in unreal reality
where u n me would be free to make our own history

free from lonely society
free from sinful piety

free to speak our mind
free from being outcasts of any kind

where true happiness lives
where differing people co-exist

where i could be for u and you could be for me

where people say we instead of me

where they stand tall in the hour of need
and face head on evil corruption and greed

i know it is only u who could make this reality true there

Written By Mr.Deja Vu(lol)


Estel said...

oi dittu... impressive blog- keep up the work... more interested in seeing your own in the comin posts!

debadyuti said...

hello estel,i cnt place u tho. well i wanted 2 tell ya tht this blog isnt abt my poetry bt also abt all the poetry tht i read n enjoy written by strangers n friends,poetry is sumthing 2 b shared n tht is exactly wot im trying 2 do out here..hope 2 get ur comments on "my" posts soon!!

Anshuman said...

wel unreal reality is sumthin i dunt believe in nd i got reasons 4 dat.i rather consider dis as an escapist's fantasy.

Deja Vu said...

well sometimes i feel that you need a break and unreal reality is the place where i take it. :) hey anshu wudnt u like it if unreality was reality???