Marooned on an island a bird softly sings,
Long lost memories and sadness it brings.
Marooned on an island a lovely bird shrieks,
Of pain and blood its love song reeks.
But one emotion it does not want;
It does not want, it surely does not want.
--Of being marooned in maroon!
It screams "Gimme Red"; splash the town.
Birdie refuses to look at 'love' as just another noun.
Marooned on an island, the bird is relentless.
Love is the name of the bird, it is flightless.

Another one of my bird songs[the other one being "Song of a Night Bird"http://manycoloredrainbow.blogspot.com/2006/10/song-of-night-bird.html]
I somehow like using birds as a metaphor.

And by flightless i dont mean to be cruel and say the birds wings got clipped off or something but because love is such a bird that when it dwells on something, even if it is a marooned island, it is not going to leave that place ever and go away. Tough metaphorism i will concede but i've always been like that!