Devil's Own

When the rest of the world epitomises purity.
I embrace darkness in all its glory.
When they worship light and all thats bright.
I worship darkness and all it's blight.
When the rest of the world wants to be an angel.
I end up being the devil's own.
From a Sarah to a Judas, what a change indeed.
From radiant white roses to wrists that bleed.
Its a game I play with the rest of the world.
Thick and fast when the accusations are hurled.
But when I rest in my Hades at last,
Snow would touch me with its white frost.
God will judge me for what is the truth.
Until then I will be the Devil's own.


Taste of a Woman

Tears that are salty,
Music that scalds the mind.
Kisses that are sloppy,
Poesy that I cant find.
Laughter that is irreverent,
Tears that are hot.
Love that is fleeting.
Lectures which I heed not.
Words that tug at my mind,
Fear that is omniscient.
Anger that I cant find.
Anxiety that grips my throat.
Leaving behind a girl most whimsical.
Becoming a woman nevertheless is liberating.