Devil's Own

When the rest of the world epitomises purity.
I embrace darkness in all its glory.
When they worship light and all thats bright.
I worship darkness and all it's blight.
When the rest of the world wants to be an angel.
I end up being the devil's own.
From a Sarah to a Judas, what a change indeed.
From radiant white roses to wrists that bleed.
Its a game I play with the rest of the world.
Thick and fast when the accusations are hurled.
But when I rest in my Hades at last,
Snow would touch me with its white frost.
God will judge me for what is the truth.
Until then I will be the Devil's own.


Tauseef said...

poetically very nice.

A Poetess said...

thank u tauseef..and welcome to my blog.

Parv Kaushik said...

this is a beautiful poem here!!! you have a gift for writing!!

A Poetess said...

thanks Parv...all your comments keep me going!

sawan said...

dark could signify light! :) a treat with words. i wish you have a smile in ur face. god bless you.

parshati said...

have been outta touch with ur works..feels good to be back...and uve matured a lot..n i mean...A LOT..over th past few months...keep t up girl..ur blogs a treat :)

Indrajit said...

Simply awe-inspiring.
One of ur best(as per me)

No words of praise is enough.


really nice..especially.."God will judge me for what is the truth.
Until then I will be the Devil's own."