Stepping into the Silver...

I sit before the mirror wondering about life.
And wondering about how many people did so before.
If only things could speak and my mirror could talk to me.
For before being mine,it sure belonged to someone else.
I wish I could merge with the silver of the surface.
And see what went went on before.
Now I try to see in my mind's eye what I want to see.
I see a beautiful lady combing out her hair.
Black silky hair hair flows as she sits on her chair.
And who's that behind her lovingly caressing her tresses.
A stolen kiss and a lovely smile are remnants of that moment.
Some other times I see a little child crying out her eyes.
Talking to herself and trying to console all her fears.
And then I realize I'm not wanted here.
I'm encroaching into someone's life,
An uninvited guest peeping into restricted territory!
I wouldn't appreciate if some else did the same.
So I bid my adieu and tell them to forget my name.

Here's another one based on the mirror theme..I hope I get over it soon..or else my blogs going to be under a "silvery deluge"..lols

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