Silver Moondrop

A silver moondrop shines on my nose.
I reach out to feel it before it goes.
A thing of beauty,of silver joy forever.
Enchants me to hide it,to show never.
I place it gently on a finger and run.
To show him the moondrop,share the fun.
Place the drop on his forehead, it trickles down.
Runs along his brows,smoothens his frown.
Disappears into his lashes,i cry:i was the keeper!
Slowly he stirs awake,opens his peeper.
Lo and behold!!My moondrops not one but two.
And in the eyes which I forever knew.
Its my own moondrop,it shall stay forever with me.
And I'll treasure it's wonder, enchantment and ethereal beauty.


chimaya said...

very sweetly described n written..:)

Seta said...

Silver moon drop, wha can i say? it has the feeling that takes u to that place where u want to be in life, sharing happiness wid ur loved one, can there be any thing more than that? The feeling to hav that one spl one for yourself forever... The moondrop is her's(Debbi's) will be her's forever, eternal...

One o the most well written lit i ve ever read which was written by a 19yr ol... Cheers! Hug!

Indrajit said...

hmm good one ...