Water running down my fingertip.
Water drops splashing merrily on my window pane.
Blessed rain washes away many a pain.
The heat,the sun scorching the earth.
Of water ,gift of life,there's a great dearth.
A sigh of thanksgiving passes from the farmer's lips.
Water,water running down my fingertips.

Tip-tap-Tip-tap ...my heart beats a merry tune.
Of many dreams my fingers have sewn.
What is water to me and you?
A glass of water,raindrops few?
Or maybe a teardrop shed in time,
When one cant speak through words or mime.
But those wet pearls speak of sorrow or fear or joy.
Water,you see,shows the dreams with which you toy.

Water is a very important part of our life,
"To Save Water"- Is the motto of our strife.
Don't have to do things big,just do them small.
Turn off the tap and that can be all.
"Save Water,save Life"-is the cry of our generation.
And we've got to save it to stop mankind from degeneration.

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samantha said...

hey man.......nice beginning but seems like u r entering a "save the wter" campaign but neways good job.........:)