What love??

Love,this is the second word you get to hear.
Can you ever tell me when you found it near?
Can you?Can I?

TV,films,soaps,ads-its all the same,
Love,love,love,you all hear the name.
Haven't you?Haven't I?

Love is the butterfly we're all trying to catch.
From the illusion of life we're all trying to snatch.
Aren't you?Aren't I?

Has anybody ever found the perfect examples.
Though you and I may have tried one or two samples.
Have you?Have I?

Does perfect love,utopian love, exist at all?
Cant you put the name of "respect,"understanding","friendship" in it small.
Can you?Cant I?


Alex said...

Good stuff! :)

Keep it going!

done said...

Perfect love still exists because God is love. What many people are looking for today is a physical fixation or attraction, but while natural beauty fades, God remains eternal.