Silent Reverie

In a silent reverie,I go on with weird life.
Hoping and straining my ears for the sound of a strife.
I just need to hear a sound,the sound of your voice.
A few moments of fleeting joy in the vanity of a day.
The tide comes and washes away from my eyes the muddy clay.
Its time to labour,a time to be patient.
A time will come when I'll be with you again.
Till then wait is all I can do,knowing that-
as the warm fingerprint ebbs away from the cold steel.
The pain gnawing at my heart will find recession too.
This life is so dull and insipid-no glorious joy.
But there's a hope that I'm going to meet my sweet boy.
So when you read this oh u passer-by,stop and think.
Know that this has been created of a patience unsurpassed by a wink.
Dont lose what you have,by thinking what what you dont.
I committed that mistake and ever repeat that?I wont.
I'm waiting now for a chance to come my way again.
And this time I know time wont be spent in vain.
Not that time was of no use these days.
I knew you a lil more,and loved even more.
You got to see me from closer and we grew up.

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