It's Personal...Messed Up

Time never ends as it never stops.
Life goes on, it just numbs it all.
There is no end to the start.

Its all a confusing mixture of colors.
Instead of the rainbow, its mixture in oil
That lies on the roadside, dripping wet.
Lying on the bed, clenched fists,
Thinking some thoughts, which doesn't exists.
Listening to the sound of silence.
Waiting for some music, some noise.
Living life without a meaning.
People walk on; hair flows down,
Light shines harshly forming diamonds on the brown.
Its Personal; no ones bothered.

But then we are too caught up in our lives.
To look beyond our tiny little lives.
Problems are huge, life is generally Sad.
But if you wanna know, if it helps.
You ain't alone, there's millions like me and you.

Leading silly short lives with nothing different.
Whose insignificant Lives are all Messed Up.
Yeah!More messed up than the colors on the road.

1 comment:

Raghu said...

Very fine... lucid writing of the abstract thoughts when one cant see whatz in front...