My Immortal...

Once it was cold and lonely

I was feeling down and blue

You said to me “Hold on Tight!

I’m always going to be there for you.”

And you did, my immortal.

Forever and for always.

But the journey’s just begun.

The road ahead is long and drawn.

Everyone is searching for their immortals

Someone who’ll come and say: “I’m here.

Forever, trust me and have no fear.”

So what’s the hurry, life is long.

The journey is only lonely.

There’s only happiness on the other side,

Green meadows and rainbows and flowers.

They pale in comparison to the colors of love.

Life’s stones are easier to tread on.

As you know there’s someone who’s by your side.

So what’s the hurry? My little friend,

The journey has just begun.

Tarry awhile and see it shape up.

Nothing is easy, nothing is fun.

Just need to mix colors and the world’s just begun.

1 comment:

Debojyoti_Long live Lucifer said...

Sweet poem, which leaves a touch of romance on the tongue long after I finished reading it. The palpable pleasure is evident in the lines. The picture ornate the poem, with the virtue of visual pleasure.