Goodbye my love, goodbye to you.
Don’t be sad, I’m going to wait for you.
Don’t let me see you cry, I need you more than ever.
I know its goodbye though I’m not clever.
I love you, I’ll love you forever.
Think of me when you’re far away.
Think of me at least once a day.
I’ll be thinking of you alright.
As the day becomes night,
And dark turns to rosy light.
Waiting in the departure lounge ain't easy.
I can’t really see you going away baby.
I want to scream, tell you to stop.
But my silence speaks in a single tear drop.
You have to fly for hours non-stop.
A last hug, and the questions bleed like a wound.
Tell me I’m not going to lose my love new found.
I hope that we are perfect, we’re meant to be.
That I’ll hug you once again with utmost glee.
That I’ll meet you once before eternity.
But for now its a goodbye, for a last kiss am screaming.
But as your flight’s announced, I know its time, you are leaving.
A thousand miles and more is not a breath away.
As the flight takes off, I wish the nagging pain would go away.
I cant bear to watch anymore, I turn my head away.
And I hear my tears softly scream-
Goodbye and take good care.
Know that I love you my dear.


Sudipto pondering said...

Hey 'A Poetess' (Debadyuti Bannerjee),

This post is just to say a big thanks for going through my blog. When people have words of praise for me, I am happy beyond words. Because of the disgusting thing called 'examinations' looming right above my stupid head, I'm commenting without reading a single post here. But I promise to go through the posts on your co-owned blog whenever I have time, and I'll do so sometime rather soon. Till then, bye. Shall catch up with the two of you later!

Chinmaya said...

pangs of speration n eternal love very evidently potrayed..keep up the good wok as always..


that where i see love dyuti ... master stroke !

Abe said...

Great one love this.

Abe said...

Never got the chance to say goodbye. Never wanted to. But life is harsh. I wish things could be different. "Don’t let me see you cry," - you know this never works. I am sure he is crying where ever he is. "I love you, I’ll love you forever." - I am sure he does too.