There was once this girl named candy.
Who tried to be cute and dandy
Brushed her hair 98 times in a day
To get as many a compliment as she may
Her eyes were swollen and puffy
Her face was dirty and scruffy
She plucked her brows to look good
But in front of everyone she a fool stood
She was teased and made fun of
Until she started to cry and cough
She was trying to be a beauty
When all they wanted was her to be snooty
She had light brown hair all frizzy
And the body of a bear grizzly
Short and round like a mule she was made
Waddling about with her ugly gait
With spectacles so thick that were bottle-like
Her voice so thick like a broken mike
With a name like candy she had to be dandy
But her looks were anything but as intoxicating as brandy
She was heart broken and despondent.
So to give her frustration vent,
She changed over from a girl to a boy.
So that with her emotions no1 could any more toy.
This rhyme i write to pay a tribute to such a girl.
For everyone of us is waiting for such wishes to unfurl.
so whats the use of trying and getting lost
why should be beauty made available at such a cost?

A short rhyme[though badly done in my opinion] where I just wanted to touch upon the craze,nay, the need among young people today to look "good" and "fit in"...a lot of Candy is me,and a lot is not..


INDR's Angels said...

nice write.
Carry on with such good works.

Sudipto pondering said...

I don't think that this poem is badly done. The subject matter, at least, is very serious indeed: in our chase for transient outer beauty, we often forget that true beauty lies inside. Even the ugliest person can have the purest of souls. Not only is outer beauty, or more correctly, prettiness unnecessary and a total waste of precious time; the bigger con is that it pulls us more and more away from the purpose for which we were given the soul-force.

Think about it: PC Roy, Albert Einstein, Tagore, Gandhi were all, by common consent, 'ugly' people. But hey, they are remembered the most!